Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PMS eating.

I've learned to look at my PMS eating as hormonal driven. Even doctors look at an upswing in calories..even as much as double or triple the amount..during a certain hormonal phase as normal. BUT the key factor I'm learning recently is that it's not a license to Eat All The Food In The World.

Then: large bowl of cereal with sugar, 2-4 slices buttered toast with toppings, large mug milky tea with 2 heaping tsps sugar
Now: 1 egg and veggies and reduced fat feta baked in muffin tray, nectarine, all bran with milk no added sugar.
Then: Stopped at fast food place on way home
Now: tinned fish(either tuna, salmon or sardines), avocado and salad sandwich with salad on the side

PMS-induced eating in the afternoon..over a period of about three hours.
Then:Chocolate bars, yes plural, and gummy lollies by the bag, 1 bag doritos/chips.
Now: 1 sliced banana, 3 chopped dates, chopped walnuts all mixed together like a salad with 1 laughing cow cheese wedge on the side.

Then:Full box of Vita Weets, each biscuit smothered in butter and vegemite or topped with 250g cheese and tomato or 250g cheese and about half a cup of mustard pickles
Now 3 cruskits with 30g cheese divided between them plus couple of tsps of strongly flavoured African-style pickles, 4 vita weets with 2 tsp butter and 2 tsp vegemite.

Then: 1 full large pita bread smothered in peanut butter, or mayo, or butter, 1 full large pita smothered in butter and jam, which I rolled up like two long souvlaki. Made it easier to shovel in my gob.
Now: 1 full large pita cut in half, half of one half smeared with peanut butter, half of the other half smeared with jam, rolled up like two sushi hand rolls, which means the filling flavours and moistens the bare bits of the bread..

Then: 1 full can of tinned spaghetti, with 2-4 slices of buttered bread
Now: half a can of tinned spaghetti (Which surprisingly I left two spoonfuls in the bowl) and two slices of bread smothered with light cream cheese.

Then: 2-6 large mugs of tea, or soft drink, or both. Half a litre of milk.
Now: water, or milk, or herbal thirst.

So...I'm still eating what my hormones are telling me I need, but far better portions. I stopped when I was satisfied. I'll eat a dinner of chicken stew with leftover roast veggies. Before I wouldn't have been satisfied until I was stomach achingly full, and probably gone on to eat double portions of the dinner. I don't know if I'll snack in the evening or not, but if I do it'll again be enough to satisfy but not overwhelm.
Before I would have carried on eating like that right up until my period started, so a period of 7-10 days, whether I really needed to or not.  Now, I've noticed it's more likely to be 3 or 4 days where I have the urge for more calories..and each day tends to follow its own distinct nutritional pattern: carbs and fat, oily fish and calcium, red meat and leafy greens, chocolate. The order of the days during a cycle can change though.
Learning, learning, learning.
I'm curious to see how the volume/content will change in another twelve months or so.

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