Monday, June 24, 2013

Simply Enjoying Food.

Part of one of the important principles we're trying to teach Kiddlywink is that food is food. While there are no emotional labels of good foods or bad foods, there most certainly are everyday food and occasional foods. But no food is off limits, if it's age appropriate for her, and our family.

So, for dinner tonight when we were all in a giggly, happy silly mood, I decided to have a dinner to match: Homemade beef burger patties, samboy chicken chips, sliced granny smith apples, dill pickles; and dessert was simple biscuits/cookies that we'd made before dinner and then iced on our plates at the table. It was even the simplest of icing sugars..icing sugar mixture with rose pink food colouring and water..all plopped out of a small hole in the corner of a freezer bag.

Fun, simple, and we're all completely satisfied.

What makes me realise we are doing what's right for her, and the eating principles we decided on before she was born, to try and avoid--as much as we're able to influence her eating habits--any disordered eating in the future, she said the exact same thing tonight after eating dinner that she'd said after eating the range of nutritionally sound salads and meals she ate earlier this week. "Yum, Mummy, that was delish!"

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