Thursday, April 04, 2013

Clothes maketh the (wo)man

After Kiddlywink was born, I bought a pair of soft, cotton bermuda shorts from the plus size section of my local Target. I loved the comfort of the all over t-shirty cotton feel, even the waist band was all the same material and no zipper to pop open at inconvenient moments.

I especially loved how the longer line didn't ride up as I walked. I liked them so much I got a couple more pair in the XXL I was wearing, plus three pair of XL and an ever-hopeful single pair of L.

Today when I was on the way out the door I threw on a pair of the bermuda shorts I'd grabbed out of the drawer, to go for my walk. (The shorts I'd been wearing around the house ride right up if I walk any distance more than to the clothesline and back!)

The shorts felt a bit firm, so I asked my mum to check the tag in the back.

"Large" she said.

Fist pump and a loud "YESSSS!", did I.

(The last time I accidentally grabbed them out of the drawer, six months ago, they wouldn't even go up past my bum.) 

Suck it, scales!

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Amanda said...

Suck it indeed, scales! Woohoo!