Friday, February 22, 2013

A Dear John Letter.

Dear (Weight Loss Club),

Health, to me, is about so much more than weight on a scale. I've been achieving Non-Scale Victories for several months now, and feeling stronger and more confident because of those. The last few times I've come in to weigh-in, I left feeling disheartened and angry. I was having to pay fines for gaining weight, even though it was muscle weight. And being penalised for progress was not good for my mental health, nor my wallet!

I've struggled with this decision for six months now and have at last come to a firm decision. While I believe that the (weight loss club) philosophy is a wonderful one--and I love (name of my branch) club--personally, at the moment, it is not a good fit for me.

So, even though I support you all, and especially my mum as Leader, I must resign from the club. (I will continue to put the weekly and annual fees towards other fitness uses though!)

I wish you all the best success in doing what works for your own healthy minds, bodies, spirits, and lifestyles.




Non-Scale Victory: Water Aerobics.

OH! I had a Non-Scale Victory during yesterday's water aerobics class.

For the first time since starting water aerobics classes again, I was able to touch my foot while doing this move! (Our instructor doesn't use dumbbells for this part of the class though)

I was SO excited! I was telling everyone I could in the class that I'd done it. That's one of the things that I love about clas activities, the encouragement when you make progress. :D

I'm also looking forward to being able to touch my foot in the back as well.


Friday, February 08, 2013

Autumnal Advances

I liked the Stick It To Summer challenge so much that I'll be doing another one.
Start date 8th February - finish date 4th April.
Advance means steady progress.
I also love the word reminds me of both my favourite season, and Mr Tumnus.
So in keeping with my word of the year, Consistent; my new challenge will be called Autumnal Advances.

(3-4 days exercise per week.
30 minutes per day.)



Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Photographic Results.

At the end of Stick It To Summer's the photos.
First photo 17th December, second photo 6th February. Can you spot any difference in body shape/composition or fit of clothes? I can! :) 
(Sorry, I do know the zooms are a little different on the initial photos.)


Weeks 5 Through 8!

Wow, the last month has flown by!

Week 5:
Day 1: after the energetic week last week, I struggled to do 1/2 hr Wii Fit today.
Day 2: this was exciting!   
12 weeks ago, it never even entered my mind.
5 weeks ago, I vaguely thought, " day."
3 weeks ago, I said, "Remember when I used to do it years ago?"
Today, I did it.
It = walking to the local shopping centre and back. Although today it = pushing Kiddlywink in the pram to her school, which is in the same strip mall as the shopping centre, and then pushing the empty pram back again.

Day 3: 1/2 hr walk.

Week 6:
Day 1: 1 hour walk. Normally I have to stop two or three times along this particular route. Today I did it non-stop. Beating the heat strategy...carrying a golf umbrella to stave off the direct sunlight. 

The rest of week 6 and all of week 7 were a complete bust because I had a deeply congestive cold that made it hard enough to breathe while sitting still..and gave me nausea, feelings of faintness and extreme wobbliness if I did anything too strenuous..such as getting out of bed!

Week 8:
I finished on a high note though.
Day 1:
45 mins water aerobics. This was easier than 8 weeks ago.
Day 2: 1 hour wii fit..with new personal bests all over the place! I noticed it's easier to lift my legs too while marching/aerobics etc because my pannus is less.
Day 3: 1/2 hr swim.
Day 4: 1 hour walk. Again the umbrella came in handy.