Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Week Three Update.

It's been a very hot week this week.
I managed a 40 minute walk on Day 1. But, those 40 minutes took me a greater distance than I've gone in months, in warmer weather than I've walked in years, and included up and down a hill. So for me that was a non-scale victory.

Day 2 was walking from the farthest point in the shopping centre car park, and then several laps inside the shopping centre, before settling into the actual grocery buying. If I missed an item, I went the long way around the store to get back to where I needed to go. All in all I managed the 30 mins of exercise-style walking in amongst the grocery shopping. Again, a non-scale victory because before I would have sat at home in the bath tub full of cold water and sweated out the hot day.

Day 3 was way too friggen hot. (Temperatures INSIDE the house were still 35.3C/95.6F at 9pm!) Not only was it hot but I was busy, being home alone with both my grandmother and Kiddlywink as Mum was covering shifts for a coworker. Nan had several visits from council healthcare workers/assessment appointments etc which took at least four hours out of my day, without including anything else that needed to be done. Again, another non-scale victory because I took care of two others plus myself, without wallowing in the bath until everyone else was home in the evening.

With missing one day this week, I will be adding another half hour into next week to cover it. You know, like normal people do. Not obsessive MUST MAKE UP FOR IT kind of exercise like I've done in the past. It's more, I'm enjoying the exercise and after the heatwave it'll be enjoyable to exercise during the comfortable summer heat. Wow, that was a bit of cognitive dissonance writing that last sentence. lol

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