Friday, December 14, 2012

Stick It To Summer!

I realised the other week that I haven't done a physical activity challenge in a very long time. It's like, inside my mind, I was already living the life of an invalid. Especially once the heat rolled around every Summer, I hunkered down inside and sweated it out in weird tingly numbness and mental misery. So I gave up one of the things that makes me happy, exercise challenges! You know what? I'm gonna be hot no matter what. So, I may as well exercise when the day is cool enough to do so. And if it's not cool enough, go somewhere that is.

Yesterday I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people at the shopping centre, and how hot it was inside there. Trying on clothes wasn't fun either. I found some awesome clothes that look great on me, but this one particular pair of shorts got me depressed.

So, instead of rushing off and bemoaning about how miserable I was, I decided I'd had enough of summer kicking my arse. Had enough of having the same shopping experiences I saw my mum having when I was a kid. Had enough of not being able to choose the lovely, cool cotton clothing and being stuck with the stretch/man-made materials that sweat me to death. Had enough of gaining and losing the same 5 kilograms ad nauseum!

Healthy eating, PLUS exercise is the key for me. Consistent regular doses of exercise. So, here I go with another exercise challenge. (Also inspired by Shauny's DVD Dust Off Challenge! I borrowed three new exercise dvds from the library and got out my old faves from the cupboard.)

Stick It To Summer Challenge.
Goes From 14th December to 7th February.
4 days exercise per week.
30 minutes per day.

Weigh-in every second week.
Measure every fourth week.

Anyone else got a Summer Challenge they'd like to take up?

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