Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stick It To Summer: Week One.

I've really enjoyed this week's exercise.

On Sunday, the woman who led water aerobics, was the same woman who used to take the class back when I used to go 15 years ago. She also informed me that she runs chair aerobics for an MS group that comes over from another suburb. Gives me hope for if I ever need to go down that route. She's practically an institution! 60+ and still an aerobics instructor. Not sure if she still does body building or not, will ask her when she comes back from Christmas vacation. I hope I'm even half as fit as her by the time I hit 45!
Day 2: Stuck it to Summer again.
Extra mood bonus: Got a 45 minute HARD workout and wasn't overwhelmed by the heat in the slightest. I know I have ABS..because I can feel them again.

During the week I relearned how rest is an important part of an exercise program. We had a hectic weekend with a birthday party which also included pool time; being up Sunday night wrapping 30+ Christmas hampers; plus the extra harder exercise, so during the week there was a few naps going on. One particular afternoon Kiddlywink and I fell asleep at around 1pm. Now, she outgrew naps awhile ago, as did I, but we both slept for a solid 3 hours! So much for going to the pool that afternoon, huh? Later that night, with just under an hour until bed time..and no sign of the girly falling asleep any time soon--not surprising after that huge nap--we were off to the pool! It was nice to simply splash and play rather than think about exercise.

The next time I went to aerobics class, I got the times mixed up and arrived an hour early. Rather than wait around the pool, I raced off to pick up what I'd ordered for Kiddlywink's present. It was bigger than expected so I rushed it back home, chucked it just inside the front door and took off back to the pool. I arrived late for the class. I missed a full ten minutes, BUT I still managed 35 minutes of water aerobics.
Day 3: Stuck it late, but I stuck it!

The rest of the week there has also been incidental exercise. Lots of rushing around doing Christmas-related stuff out and about. Extra housework and chores at home etc. At one point Kiddlywink wanted to walk up and down the flights of stairs at a shopping we did, just for fun, and then continued on shopping.

So, all in all I'm feeling good about Week One. I think I stuck it like an Olympic gymnast. :) 

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