Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stick It To Summer: Update

Day 1: Despite going to bed at 12:30am, after I'd watched Downsize Me, I woke up earlyish. Lately, I've been leaving the drapes open to allow as much of the cool breeze in overnight as possible. Upside to that is I wake up with the morning sun on my face. I'd thought about doing WiiFit, but it was too warm and humid inside the house. I spent a few seconds feeling disappointed, then had an idea.

Kiddlywink's been getting later and later with her bedtimes and we're trying to restart her back to early rising. So, I told Alaskaboy to get up and at 'em, then went and said to Kiddlywink, "Would you like to go and feed the ducks." Two repetitions of that and she was awake enough to understand what I was saying...and BOING leapt out of bed in a single bound.

We whipped up some breakfast sandwiches, plus took along stale bread for the ducks. Instead of sweating it out inside, and probably stopping before my time was completed, I had a lovely picnic breakfast around at the lake with Kiddlywink and Alaskaboy. THEN I did my half hour walk while they played.

Half an hour fast walking, plus strolling to and from the lake; soaring cockatoos; a bold duck that ate pieces of bread from the top of our shoes; banter with other people walking by; and watching Kiddlywink enjoying herself; all pluses of getting OUT and exercising this morning. Day 1, I Stuck It To Summer HARD!

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