Friday, December 28, 2012

Sticking it to Christmas AND Summer!

AKA Week Two Update.

Christmas Day was wonderful. Family, fun, frivolity, plenty of seasonal joy, plus presents. 
Food, holy crap was there food. But, there was also exercise!
Christmas night, after everyone went home, my mum and I, along with my brother's dog, went for a half an hour walk. 'Twas lovely to have a dog along for the walk once again.
The fireworks that people in the neighbourhood set off were magnificent. 

It's amazing how heavy a Jack Russell is to carry, especially when pressing back into my chest in fear of the fireworks. Once they stopped he was his regular jaunty self again.
Extra Bonus: As a result, I slept much better than usual after the excesses of the feasting festivus.

Day Two was a half hour walk along the bike paths, nice and slow. 

Day 3 was too hot to walk too far from home, or do Wii Fiit. (Plus, first day of my period equaled severe cramps, so no water aerobics.) Instead, I walked many circuits around the perimeter of the house; including multiple trips up and down the driveway, around the back yard, along the front footpath, down the side path and back around under the verandah. I still feel like my upper legs are Biff from Back to the Future, and I'm Marty McFly, and they are tapping me very urgently and saying, "McThigh! Helloooo, McThigh?!"

Week 2?  Santa came to town, but I stuck it to summer!

My abs from water aerobics last week and my thighs this week are the first lot of DOMS I've had in a VERY long time. I'm wincing, but I'm grinning at the same time. 


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stick It To Summer: Week One.

I've really enjoyed this week's exercise.

On Sunday, the woman who led water aerobics, was the same woman who used to take the class back when I used to go 15 years ago. She also informed me that she runs chair aerobics for an MS group that comes over from another suburb. Gives me hope for if I ever need to go down that route. She's practically an institution! 60+ and still an aerobics instructor. Not sure if she still does body building or not, will ask her when she comes back from Christmas vacation. I hope I'm even half as fit as her by the time I hit 45!
Day 2: Stuck it to Summer again.
Extra mood bonus: Got a 45 minute HARD workout and wasn't overwhelmed by the heat in the slightest. I know I have ABS..because I can feel them again.

During the week I relearned how rest is an important part of an exercise program. We had a hectic weekend with a birthday party which also included pool time; being up Sunday night wrapping 30+ Christmas hampers; plus the extra harder exercise, so during the week there was a few naps going on. One particular afternoon Kiddlywink and I fell asleep at around 1pm. Now, she outgrew naps awhile ago, as did I, but we both slept for a solid 3 hours! So much for going to the pool that afternoon, huh? Later that night, with just under an hour until bed time..and no sign of the girly falling asleep any time soon--not surprising after that huge nap--we were off to the pool! It was nice to simply splash and play rather than think about exercise.

The next time I went to aerobics class, I got the times mixed up and arrived an hour early. Rather than wait around the pool, I raced off to pick up what I'd ordered for Kiddlywink's present. It was bigger than expected so I rushed it back home, chucked it just inside the front door and took off back to the pool. I arrived late for the class. I missed a full ten minutes, BUT I still managed 35 minutes of water aerobics.
Day 3: Stuck it late, but I stuck it!

The rest of the week there has also been incidental exercise. Lots of rushing around doing Christmas-related stuff out and about. Extra housework and chores at home etc. At one point Kiddlywink wanted to walk up and down the flights of stairs at a shopping we did, just for fun, and then continued on shopping.

So, all in all I'm feeling good about Week One. I think I stuck it like an Olympic gymnast. :) 


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stick It To Summer: Update

Day 1: Despite going to bed at 12:30am, after I'd watched Downsize Me, I woke up earlyish. Lately, I've been leaving the drapes open to allow as much of the cool breeze in overnight as possible. Upside to that is I wake up with the morning sun on my face. I'd thought about doing WiiFit, but it was too warm and humid inside the house. I spent a few seconds feeling disappointed, then had an idea.

Kiddlywink's been getting later and later with her bedtimes and we're trying to restart her back to early rising. So, I told Alaskaboy to get up and at 'em, then went and said to Kiddlywink, "Would you like to go and feed the ducks." Two repetitions of that and she was awake enough to understand what I was saying...and BOING leapt out of bed in a single bound.

We whipped up some breakfast sandwiches, plus took along stale bread for the ducks. Instead of sweating it out inside, and probably stopping before my time was completed, I had a lovely picnic breakfast around at the lake with Kiddlywink and Alaskaboy. THEN I did my half hour walk while they played.

Half an hour fast walking, plus strolling to and from the lake; soaring cockatoos; a bold duck that ate pieces of bread from the top of our shoes; banter with other people walking by; and watching Kiddlywink enjoying herself; all pluses of getting OUT and exercising this morning. Day 1, I Stuck It To Summer HARD!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Stick It To Summer!

I realised the other week that I haven't done a physical activity challenge in a very long time. It's like, inside my mind, I was already living the life of an invalid. Especially once the heat rolled around every Summer, I hunkered down inside and sweated it out in weird tingly numbness and mental misery. So I gave up one of the things that makes me happy, exercise challenges! You know what? I'm gonna be hot no matter what. So, I may as well exercise when the day is cool enough to do so. And if it's not cool enough, go somewhere that is.

Yesterday I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people at the shopping centre, and how hot it was inside there. Trying on clothes wasn't fun either. I found some awesome clothes that look great on me, but this one particular pair of shorts got me depressed.

So, instead of rushing off and bemoaning about how miserable I was, I decided I'd had enough of summer kicking my arse. Had enough of having the same shopping experiences I saw my mum having when I was a kid. Had enough of not being able to choose the lovely, cool cotton clothing and being stuck with the stretch/man-made materials that sweat me to death. Had enough of gaining and losing the same 5 kilograms ad nauseum!

Healthy eating, PLUS exercise is the key for me. Consistent regular doses of exercise. So, here I go with another exercise challenge. (Also inspired by Shauny's DVD Dust Off Challenge! I borrowed three new exercise dvds from the library and got out my old faves from the cupboard.)

Stick It To Summer Challenge.
Goes From 14th December to 7th February.
4 days exercise per week.
30 minutes per day.

Weigh-in every second week.
Measure every fourth week.

Anyone else got a Summer Challenge they'd like to take up?


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am what I eat!

For about ten days during the last two weeks I've eaten how I used to eat.

Mainly out of curiosity, but also a little to do with stress, I gorged myself on take away food, crackers, cheese, chips.
I ate far less fruit and veggies.
When choosing meat I went for fattier cuts than usual.
When making cakes and biscuits, I used white flour and added no bran.
When buying bread from the shop I chose white multigrain or regular wholemeal bread, instead of the wholemeal multigrain or quinoa and flax seed wholemeal bread I have been eating.
Ice cream? I love it. I'm usually satisfied with one portion. So, I ate three or more servings at a time.
I smothered my toast with butter, and found that it looked odd.
"Too much butter," said I.
"Eat it," said the rules of the experiment.
I even swapped the ratio of soft drinks/poptops to water etc etc


I've always been a fart arse..but they STINK again. The last few months of healthier eating and more exercise have created mostly noise and not much it's clear the room kind of stuff.

I'm tired. I'm irritable...okay, downright bitchy actually. Less able to concentrate. And I'm always hungry. How about hungry or bloated or nauseous? Try all three together, sometimes.

My caffeine intake has quadrupled. I'm sleeping worse with psychedelic dreams that leave me drenched in sweat when I wake up. The other night I didn't even go to bed, I couldn't I whiled the night away watching junk on telly. Quite appropriate since all I've been ingesting recently is junk.

I no longer bounce out of bed refreshed between 6-7am...I struggle out whenever Kiddlywink comes in to wake me up. Last month I was out of bed BEFORE her, on several days! 3-5 days of exercise per week like I had worked up to? HA! I didn't have the energy for even one day!

So, even though I haven't been eating any "diet" or "low fat" products, instead simply eating healthy whole foods, butter, full fat icecream, chocolate cake, biscuits and muffins, all within moderation around meat, veggies, fruit and plenty of water, I was healthier.
The scales weren't budging but I was fitter, sleeping better, more pleasant to be around, more motivated and spent far less time on the crapper! All non scale victories in my book.
(I originally wrote this on, and went back to the healthy eating as of, the 8th December.)