Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turning Up The Heat

The weather here is starting to get hotter, and I've been fretting about being able to continue walking outside. The other morning I was up at 7am, and it was already too hot for me to walk out in the sun.

Yesterday the power pack finally arrived. Which power pack you ask? The power pack from Nintendo Australia that will allow us to use our Wii here in Aus. It's been been disheartening, no, to be honest it's been ENRAGING to have the Wii sitting there staring at me and knowing I couldn't use it yet.

Kiddlywink has discovered the joys of the basic run, just like her cousins used to love to do, except she's young enough that the remote either gets stuck down the back of her pants, she holds it for a little while, or I jiggle it whenever she runs on the spot (or up and down the hallway if the fancy takes her) or more usually all three occur in the one run. Over the course of the day she spent an hour, wii fit piggy bank time, chasing doggies and kittens and people, oh my, around several different wii fit courses. We had to create a whole new Mii, where we lied about her age, so that she could participate. I don't care what the arbitrary age limit is on the wii, she was ready.

And later in the evening, I had a turn. Only 17 piggy bank's minutes worth, but I had forgotten how much satisfaction I got from working up a sweat. Forgotten how much fun it is to exercise with others egging me on or just simply laughing at the games. I really have to get my juggling mojo back! BUT I went farther than I ever have on the obstacle course. :) A little sore this morning, but it's the sore I'd forgotten about, the sore that makes me feel good about my body, that boosts my self esteem and that makes me healthier, mind body and soul. Hooray for exercise!