Saturday, November 27, 2010

Numbness still progressing.

Tests were negative for calcium or electrolyte deficiency. Lack of pain meant no pinched nerves, so no scans or MRI. Diagnosed numbness/nausea/stress. Sent me home told me to follow up with doc on Tuesday like planned. Take lorazepam if I feel anxious.

*Asked doc and nurse, before receiving shot, if lorazepam was contraindicated for sleep apnea, they said it would be fine.
looked it up and yep, contraindicated for sleep apnea sufferers.
Was kinda nervous about it being out of my system enough to sleep safely, and stayed up late.

Each day it spreads a little more and the previous bits get more numb.

Hands and forearms, inner biceps, chest, both shoulders, upper back, back of neck, main numbness on scalp started radiating outward from mowhak pattern. Temples, cheekbones, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, teeth, gums, chin, nose, sense of taste and smell are like after I had the antibiotic poisoning. Perineum, left heel and outer toes. Sense of touch has altered over whole body basically, with the left side being approximately half again as affected as the right side.

Still no pain. That's the bit that seemed to really confuse the ER doc.

Breathing feels a little weird now too as lining of mouth/throat, tongue, nostrils etc are numbish this afternoon as well.

This evening I feel kinda numb emotionally. Am thinking I'm a little bit shocky. Afraid of where this is going and what's happening. Want to march back to the hospital and say "do all the tests in the world to figure out what's going on," but know that to them, it's not an emergency, so they won't do anything more than they did yesterday.

Last night I started wondering if this is continued on from the B6 overdose I figured out I'd had the other month. But, it seems B6 toxicity only effects extremities. Maybe it's a combo of the nasal mask pressing on my face when I wore it, plus sleeping in that sitting up position, plus the B6 toxicity, or? or? or?

Been looking up all kinds of disorders/diseases/syndromes, but none seem to fit exactly. Trying not to worry, but can't help it.

Trying to enjoy as much time/touch with Kiddlywink as I can, just in case.

REALLY hoping it's something easily cured.

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to alarm you, but you should consider MS.

LisaB234 said...

How did your appt go? Hoping you are dong well and getting some answers/solutions! Sending well wishes!

Anonymous said...

I would demand an MRI. I can't believe they are happy to leave you like this. If you are going numb, especially as your numbness is progressing, then the nervous system is most certainly involved and because that is affecting so many areas of your body an MRI scan of the brain and spine would, more than likely, show what is going on. I really feel for you, you poor thing ((((big hugs))))
I know it's not easy when you are feeling so unwell and frightened but unfortunately sometimes we have to make as much noise as possible so that we are taken seriously and that we are well cared for, not just brushed off.
Take good gentle care of yourself and demand that the hospital do the same. xxx

Denise said...

What is going on? Are you okay? I have been thinking of you and checking for an update. I really hope that some progress has been made.

LisaB234 said...

Kada- I have also been checking in an hoping for updates. I hope that 2011 is a happy healthy year for you and your family! Please post if you have a chance and let your fans know how you are doing!