Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joy In Motion.

So many diet books talk about finding ways to appreciate yourself, to even love yourself and your body. It's a shame that we have to find ways to love ourselves once more. I wish I'd never stopped loving myself in the first place. How do I know that I once loved myself? And with unreserved adoration at that! Because Kiddlywink has shown me just how wondrous I thought I was.

I usually don't pay much attention to the mirrored wardrobe doors in the bedrooms. I neither pass judgment on myself nor do much positive reinforcing anymore. They're simply a part of the room and my reflection comes and goes as I pass by. Now that Kiddlywink is old enough to run up and down, jump about, and dance on our bed, I see how she watches herself in the mirror as she moves.

She flirts with herself. She delights in the way her body moves. She even kisses herself through the mirror. In little ways and in blatant ways she adores herself. Her body is a source of wonder, joy, exhilaration and sometimes frustration, but always she loves it.

I always knew she'd be teaching us as much as we would be teaching her. Now I need to take a leaf out of her book and find joy in motion and in myself.

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Marshmallow said...

Wow... this is just beautiful (and btw, I loved the last lot of photos of KW!)

I think it's great that both you and your daughter are learning so much from each other - that it's not "I'm big, you're small, I'm smart, you're dumb, I'm right, you're wrong" like a parent-child relationship at that age can be.

And I hope that you can find joy in motion, and in yourself, because you are beautiful, and wonderful :-)

kathrynoh said...

Do you think the stopping loving yourself thing is a weight issue? I tend to think it's a puberty thing - once we hit puberty, that lack of self-consciousness disappears.

Kada said...

{Grin} I love making those slideshows! Am glad peoples are liking them, really don't want to overload everyone with photos. Guess that is the best way to do it, people can watch or not if they choose, right?

Me and my mum learn from each other, but as a teenager I know how frustrated I was that she wouldn't admit it, so I'm gonna make sure I let Wanda know that I have stuff to learn from her too. :) I must also admit reading your blog and knowing you and your mum is helping me to be more aware of what I say and how I say it to everyone, but to her in particular.

As always though, we'll do our best and she'll have her own brand of hangups!

Kada said...

I think that the weight issue and self esteem issue are intrinsically entwined. In some ways it almost feels like a chicken and egg scenario. I wasn't fat when I first believed I was. My self esteem was low and that came before puberty. But puberty had a huge impact on both my weight and my self esteem.

I also wonder if it's a increase in self-consciousness or an increase in our awareness of what others say/think of us. Or again, possibly even both are interconnected.