Thursday, May 06, 2010

Non-Scale Victory.

My post-caeserean non-scale victories have been a little more basic than any physical ones in the past. I've gradually increased the distance I walk in the pool. I've begun to be able to swim very short distances again. I've moved into a slightly shallower area of the pool for my pool walking, which increases the weight I'm actually bearing. I've also increased the speed at which I walk, driving through the water now instead of gingerly ambling along.

Yesterday, because we rushed out of the house in time to get to the pool before they closed for cleaning, we only had limited time to get any exercise in. That's minor NSV One; previously we would have said, "Fuck it, it's too late, let's go tomorrow."

I got in the pool with forty minutes til closing time. Kiddlywink was snoozing in her stroller/pram on the side, where I could keep an eye on her, and knowing a) she could wake up any second and b) time was of the essence, I pushed myself harder than I've done since her birth.

I busted out 700 yards in 25 minutes. That put me on target to complete a mile in 60 minutes. Ten minutes faster than any previous mile. Although, I'm sure if I'd kept going it probably would have only ended up a minute or two faster, but still!

Then, we had a full day of grocery shopping, errands, cooking, and no naps. Then, sometime around 9:30pm I felt the need to do some more exercise. Not in reaction to what I'd eaten during the day, but because my body felt like it had been shortchanged on exercise. So, I got out the wii fit and proceeded to do the Wii Fit Plus training routine/Lifestyle/Warm up. Something I have done several times and enjoyed since we purchased it. THEN! I did one that has intimidated me the last few weeks, Wii Fit Plus training routine/Health/Over-Indulged. It's a more intense cardio workout and two minutes longer than the Warm-Up one. But for some reason I'd been terrified to even try it! Somehow I had it in my head that I couldn't do it.

Wait a minute! Late last year I was so thrilled when I achieved the NSV of being able to walk down a flight of stairs gingerly, but in the normal one foot in front of the other fashion. Now, here I am, not only doing that scary routine, but completing it in the same day that I'd done my fastest pool walk yet. And to do so...actually avoiding watching the last ever episode of a series we'd been watching on Netflix recently. And THEN helping with some more chores before we went to bed.

I'm a little sore in my ankles and lower half of my calves this morning, other than that I seem to be okay. A little woozy. That's my own fault though. I was so excited to share the news, I had to get up after not enough sleep and tell you. Now I'm back off to bed.

EditedToAdd: Nope. Didn't go back to bed just yet. Felt good enough to stay up and make a large batch of banana pancakes.

2 Nibbles:

Rita said...

That is fantastic! You've come so far being able to do that. And I applaud you, I did nothing for so long after my c-section, I should have been at it just like you and this would have been easier.

Bella said...

You are on fire!

Looks like something really good has come out of the blah that was last week, hey?