Monday, May 03, 2010

30 Day Farty McFarty Challenge.

It's been a long time since I've had a challenge of some kind. In light of that, I'd like to start things off slowly. This is a physical challenge, but not in the usual sense. There'll be no committing to certain amounts of exercise a certain number of times per week, I'm just not up for that, yet.

What I am up for is adding in more types of protein to my diet. With organic chicken and turkey so expensive, and my inability to eat organic pork, that leaves me eating a lot of beef and cheese for my protein. Both are good sources of saturated fat. While my cholesterol is all fine, my triglycerides are elevated, according to my very recent physical.

I've been trying to think of ways to reduce the saturated fats in my diet. I didn't realise it, but while pregnant I switched to cooking mostly with butter, it tasted so much better than the olive oil, and I've continued that practice. Cutting down the amount of butter I use is helping, I'm sure. This last week, I'm back to sauteing in olive oil. Today our toaster oven broke, so I toasted my sandwich in a skillet like I do on occasion....but without any butter on the outside of the bread. It toasted up deliciously!

Yesterday I thought of a new way. Nothing crazy! I'll include more legumes in my diet. So here we are with the Farty McFarty Challenge. A 30 day challenge to eat one meal every day that includes legumes.

I'll be trying to eat a new legume recipe once per week. I'd also like to include a fish meal once a week. However, I'm not setting myself up to fail if life gets busy. Those last two are merely things I'd like to do, time permitting, not part of the challenge itself. Why, yes, I have learnt something from all those previous challenges. LOL

4 Nibbles:

Bella said...

I reckon i'm already one up on this challenge... not the legumes part, just the Farty part!


Marshmallow said...

Sounds good, Kada! :-D Farty McFart away!

Shauna said...

exxxxcellent idea! happy lentilling! (love me some puy!)

Rita said...

I second the happy lentils, a fellow blogger suggested them in tacos, very nice! I'm all for reducing meat however you can. It will make a world of difference. The challenge name is also endlessly delightful.