Monday, February 22, 2010

So frustrated!

Back when I was dieting I'd have been gleeful about the thought of getting gastro/the stomach flu in the week leading up to my monthly weigh-in. This week? I'm frustrated almost to the point of tears.

Wait! Lemme fill you in a bit about what's been going on.

I've been working slowly to recover my physical fitness after Kiddlywink's birth. I've also been playing a fine balancing game. One I've never played before!
- Dr Kay is getting married next month.
- I'll be one of her bridesmaids. (If all of her bridesmaids are already married, does that make us bridesmatrons?)
- I bought the largest size available, 23/24, in the style of dress she wants us to wear.
- When I purchased it, at the start of November, I had Alaskaboy's help trying it on. He started the zipper up in the back...and we realised about 1/4 of the way up that even though he could have gotten it all the way closed, it would have strained the seams. Since it was the only one of that size in the store, we played it careful and never zipped it fully.

Fast forward to last week. I've gained muscle tone, my clothes are fitting better, even wearing some I haven't worn since early in my pregnancy, and I've lost 8lbs on the scale. This week, a month to go before the wedding I was going to try the dress on; and then every week after that. (I didn't try it on sooner because that'd be crazy making, since I'm losing slowly and sensibly, and also too far out from the date to give me an accurate picture.) I want to fit into the dress--especially since it's a strapless gown!--without it being too tight OR too loose.

And now, with this stupid stomach bug, I've lost several pounds/inches of water weight in two days. Double whammy! I won't get a fair try on for the dress. PLUS! It's like I've done one of those stupid crash diets! My body is going to rebound from this by making it harder for me to lose weight until it regains what it lost. And possibly some extra, just for good measure, like after a real crash diet.

RRROOAAAR! If I wasn't feeling so washed out, I'd be sobbing about now.

2 Nibbles:

alaskagirl said...

I have solutions for any too-loose problem you may encounter.

Too-tight is harder, but can also be dealt with.

Don't stress, if the fit is close, we can fix it here, before you head out to the wedding.

Kada said...

Thanks! I'm just hoping it'll fit with enough room to sit down/eat/move in. Not only am I worried about my Depends doing their job...but I have a fear of the dress's seams busting out! LOL

I've never done this before--having to fit into a certain size by a certain date. People who do this as a "motivator" must be nuts! It's depressing trying to fit into a dress. So much easier to buy something in your actual size!