Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't You Hate Becoming A Sterotype?

I hate getting too low in any essential item, especially formula, in case we have to run out and do one of those stupid late night trips just for one item. Four days ago we'd gotten down to the bottom third of the last can of formula, and we deliberately went out and bought three new cans. (Our regular formula-purchasing stores were completely out and we had to purchase it from one we'd only used for other types of purchases.)

We noticed that the formula looked a little different, more like very fine sand than powder, but assumed it had settled funny in transit. They're small cans and only take Kiddlywink three and a half days to get through. Over the last two days she was even fartier than usual, but that was the only difference. This afternoon her poo was a little runnier, and then this evening after drinking her late night bottle, she promptly vomited at least half of it up.

Despite getting called into work after only four hours sleep last night, and having an early start again this morning, Alaskaboy got up and washed Kiddlywink off, while I started to clean up the vomit. Then we traded off while he used the wet vac to clean the carpet and I dried and dressed her. (It takes two for this kind of adventure at the moment, due to my physical limitations. There're just certain things I cannot do at all; or do in addition to other tasks.)

Kiddlywink indicated that she was still hungry afterwards, so we chucked the remainder of the can, and opened another...it too had the sand-like consistency, as did the third can. {sigh} (Yes, we'll be complaining about all three cans to the company.)

And there we were in the very situation we'd tried to prevent. I gave Kiddlywink an ounce of Pedialyte, in case she was merely thirsty, and to help flush through whatever she'd drunk of the milk this evening. But it really wasn't satisfying--nor was the sleeve she sucked half to death--and she just wouldn't settle to sleep.

I wasn't feeling confident enough to drive with period cramps plus still feeling a little washed out after the gastro attack, so, we all piled into the car. Thus entering parental stereotype mode! We intended to go to our regular grocery store in the hopes that they'd have some in, but luckily we tried the closest pharmacy on the off chance they'd have some in stock. They did. And Alaskaboy opened on can then and there, to see if it was any good. It was. And there was much rejoicing when we got home and Kiddlywink could get her mitts on her top up bottle. And Alaskaboy could go back to bed.

Why am I typing this when I'm so tired? Was starving so had a slice of bread and didn't want to go to bed straight after. May as well fill in the time writing this now than later tomorrow when Kiddlywink will prefer me to help her walk many laps of the apartment. I have to pause for a rest at various strategic points along the way. My poor stomach muscles! Assisting a two foot tall person to walk about is a great ab workout! Especially when you can't walk about on your knees to even the height difference a little.

Ack! Still lots to talk about with what's been going on recently, both with Kiddlywink and myself, but I'm about to do something akin to this...
...except into my keyboard.

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