Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick KW update!

She now rolls from one end of the loungeroom to the other. She only has one direction to roll yet, but she'll figure out the reverse side soon enough.

Two weekends ago we had difficulty convincing her not to leap, fully clothed, from Grandpa's arms into the water! So we figured it was time, even if the swim diapers were a little big. She had her first swim in the YMCA pool last weekend. Kiddlywink loved every bit, except for when a cool breeze gusted across her from a briefly open door. She even happily blew bubbles in the water several times.

Mummy, Daddy, and Aunty Raina were all very proud. :)

I'm off to make some apple sauce for her, she zoomed through the jars we bought!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old Wive's Tale.

I've been feeling frumpy for a little while now, as my hair got more and more in desperate need of a hair cut. I still didn't find the time to have one while my in-laws were here, and I cringed inside every time any one took a photo of me. Something that hasn't happened for a long time.

The clothes that fit clothes are all winter weight and I've had a fairly small but decent selection to choose from, but all of a sudden we're having a heat wave and I have nothing to wear. Well, I have a whole wardrobe stuffed full of clothes. The trouble is, I'm in between. My maternity clothes are starting to look ratty and they are miles too big for me. But my other clothes are not quite fitting right, just yet.

Even the new bathing suit I bought several months ago. The top still fits perfectly and looks really pretty. The bottoms I'm currently wearing are so big, they fell down the other night whenever I'd walk "too fast" in the pool. But the next size down are a bikini cut (rather than full brief) and don't quite fit thanks to the extra loose hang of my pannus now that I've lost some fat. Those of you that have lost a bit of weight know what I mean. The fat is disappearing underneath, and the skin is still stretched out to contain the old amount of fat...well add post-pregnancy to that stretchage and oh my gawd. Otherwise, they'd fit perfectly.

I've been enjoying dressing Kiddlywink. It's like I can express my fashion sense, on a body that fits all of its clothes. No, I don't treat her like a doll and play dress ups, it's just nice being able to go to her wardrobe and drawers and pick out an outfit then put it on without worrying about whether it'll fit or not. Although, it's always a little sad when she moves on to a new size and I have to put my current favourites away in their box...but then I have a whole new wardrobe to choose new favourites from. LOL

I didn't realise how much I was using that to ignore how slobby I was feeling, until Raina, and the heat wave, arrived. Especially since we're coming up on wash day, I really only had one pair of jeans, one pair of white pants, and two nice tops to wear. Well, I say to wear, but the green crepe shirt is a size too big and swims on me, and the pinky/orange plaid maternity shirt, while looser/flattering now in the torso, is too tight in the arms. (Thanks to losing condition in my upper arms.)

Raina looks gorgeous in everything I've seen her wear. Even her pyjamas! And, me? I feel like I'm wearing sack cloth and ashes. This is not her fault in the slightest, she's only been the catalyst to make me face my own feelings. And that's what friends do, isn't it? Help you work through your stuff!

Now I needs to figure out how to get my mojo back, without spending money we don't have on in-between clothes that won't fit me long.

Any suggestions?

P.S. And I just realised that the reason mess in the house has been driving me so batty at the last six weeks, is because it only adds to my feelings of shabbiness.
P.P.S Feeling another level recovered. Doing more stuff. Doing more stuff. Doing MORE stuff....Ugh. Strained stomach muscles again. A little more recovered doesn't mean completely recovered! When will I learn not to act like a bull at a gate?


Friday, January 01, 2010

Look out, she's on the move!

Kiddlywink rolled over, from her front to her back, for the first time today. (Then second and third when we turned her back over again.) YAAY!

The look on her face was so funny. "WTF just happened?"