Sunday, October 04, 2009

Kiddlywink Update

Kiddlywink and Kada went to visit the paediatrician for Kiddlywink's 4 month check up. We're happy to report that she weighs 10 lbs 5 ozs and is 22 inches long. This now puts her on the "regular baby" growth charts. (In the 3rd percentile, but she's on the charts!) For her weight she's following the average curve, but for her height she's "doing her own thing" as the doctor put it; she's going in a line straight up! LOL Those big hands and feet of hers, which remind us of a gangly puppy, are living up to their promise and she's already tall for her age/weight.

Kiddlywink's trying her very best to roll over, but she can't quite coordinate all of the bits of the puzzle together yet. She has been able to roll herself over on to her back just once, but she cheated since her bottom arm provided no impediment, having gotten stuck under her belly. (She'd been playing one of the games she likes: Mummy rolls Kiddlywink back and forth on the bed.)

Her newest and bestest games for the moment though are sitting while holding on to Mummy or Daddy's fingers, or standing while supported under her armpits. We actually managed to catch a photo of her standing this morning AND of her big, beautiful "I'm so happy" or "Hi, Mum/Dad" smile. (The nurse pointed out that she has a smile reserved just for us and a not-quite-as-big smile for anyone else. We'd noticed it, but thought we were imagining things.) This smile is also often followed by a gurgly goo and an adorable coy/shy/flirty face which seems to say "Aww shucks, I'm SOOO cute aren't I!" Don't know if we'll be lucky enough to catch a photo of that one though.

Anyway, enough talking. Here's what you're really wanting. Photos taken over the course of the previous month.

Alaskaboy, Kada, and Kiddlywink.

P.S. Conveniently, her joyful kicking in the bathtub obscured her so nicely I didn't need to blur anything. LOL
P.P.S. We don't normally pause to take photos after she has puked. But this was an extremely funny moment. Alaskaboy put out his hand to catch the puke(consisting of milk she'd finished drinking no more than five seconds prior), and it hit his hand then rebounded back up and over her head. Poor kid. After Kada died laughing at the identical horrified looks on their faces she just HAD to take a photo.

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