Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three Recent Signs

Three different yet equally compelling signs, all indicating how fortunate I've been lately.

1.) While eating lunch at a Mongolian BBQ restaurant I failed to receive, for the first time ever at any Asian place that has the custom, a fortune in my cookie. It made me pause and consider that perhaps I have already had my lotto-win-sized proportion of good fortune for the year.

2) While sitting on the sidelines with Kiddlywink as Alaskaboy and Alaskagirl attended a water aerobics class, Favourite Lifeguard Number 2 came up and spoke to me. When I explained a little how I'd gotten sick and had to deliver her early and I'd nearly died, he put his hand on my arm, looked deep into my eyes and said, "I'm very, very glad that you didn't die. We would have missed you." Then, he went on to explain how his brother's girlfriend had been six months pregnant recently and also gotten sick(without mentioning with what exactly). Unfortunately, she ended up in a coma. Fortunately, they were able to save the baby. But what again made me pause and really shook me to my core. . .the woman actually died.

3) How do I know it could have been me? When in for my six week check up, I asked Dr Awesome some of the questions I'd been too brain foggy, or unconscious, to think of asking. One of which concerned Kiddlywink's APGAR scores. Not really worth much in the long run, but nice to know anyway. "Her APGAR scores were 8 or 9, she was fine. It was you who did your very best to die." And once again, his cheerful demeanour disappeared momentarily as we all pondered that last sentence of his.

I'd like you all to take a few moments out of your day, for as many days in a row as you like, and consider the things in your life that make you fortunate, and be thankful for even the smallest amount of good fortune.

Today, I'm thankful for a) the ability to produce some breast milk, b) not only the mere existence of electric breast pumps, but the fact my health insurance covers most of the rental for a hospital grade one, and c) that formula has improved enough to allow for premature babies and their special dietary needs.

And yes, currently we're making use of all three to feed Kiddlywink. Feeding her from my breasts, then topping her off with formula and previously expressed breast milk. The Daily logs we're keeping of both my pumped volume and her eating and elimination amounts is truly fascinating. She is SO intuitive. More on that in a bit though.

2 Nibbles:

cmae said...

Today I am grateful for:

1. Fenway Fudge ice cream.
2. The desire to run.
3. That you are here posting to your blog.


cmae said...

PS: That was in no particular order. :-)