Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quick Update.

I'm working on some posts: about learning even more about intuitive eating from my daughter; continuing the birth story; and a couple of others are brewing in the brain, but for now, here's a quick Kiddlywink update.

Age: 5 weeks (almost to her original anticipated birth day! lol)
Weight: 2.95 kg / 6.5 lbs
Holding head up: 5 seconds, while looking around.
Breast feeding: Getting better at it. Latches first go usually now, and eats on average 20mls(then switches to bottle) per each of the three feeds we're managing to coordinate in a daytime period.
Chubby Cheeks? Check!
Baby Belly? Check!
Farts? You bet! Like a brewery draft horse!
Likes: taking turns sleeping on her four current slaves' chests, eating, tummy time, snuggling, bath time, clean diapers.
Dislikes: the diaper changing process, being buckled into car seat, outfit changes, hiccups, passing gas, slack service at this's tasty though.

And of course, the obligatory pictures!

Let's Dance!

Stick 'Em Up!

{Burp!} Excusez-moi!

Hiding From Sun on 4th July.

My, What A Serious frown You Have!

And our current favourite...

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Lisa B said...

She's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for posting updates - continued well wishes for a happy healthy family!