Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kiddlywink's Birth Story: Part One

The morning of our 34 week appointment dawned with me having had less than a few hours different from any of the previous 30 mornings. But the last ten days or so had been because of that pesky pain in my side, rather than peeing every half an hour. In fact I'd been peeing less, because I'd been drinking less and eating less due to aforementioned pain. My pee, naturally, as a result progressively got darker over the 34th week.

Alaskaboy had been starting later and later each day as the week progressed into night shoots, and happily was able to come with me to my appointment; with enough time to drive us back home again before needing to go into work. (When Alaskaboy's boss found out he'd missed several ultrasounds, he insisted that he go to all of the later ones and they'd cover for him at work the necessary hour+ it took to do so.)

We arrived, then I was duly weighed (pleased I hadn't gained any weight since last weigh despite the cankles that wouldn't go away all of a sudden) and deposited my lovely cola-coloured smidgen of pee into the cup. The nurse took my blood pressure, and said something about me needing to drink more and that the cuff must be faulty or something. Eventually she got a reading and left.

Dr Awesome took longer to come in than usual, and I figured his last patient was running late or something, so Alaskaboy and I continued our conversation of how to get some more stuff tidied over the weekend. I felt confident to help with a little more than I'd been able to recently, considering I'd had a huge burst of energy and cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes the previous night. For weeks I'd been fretting over the need to get the house tidied and stuff for Kiddlywink ready. I was certain she'd come at least two weeks prior to her due date, since my family has a history of eager beavers born early. LOL (Myself included: 5 weeks early and 2 lb 12 oz at birth.)

Dr Awesome finally came in and asked how I was feeling. I assumed he was feeling tired and overworked because the usual happy vibe I got from him was missing. I explained about the “pulled muscle” in my side or possible popped rib. He asked a few more questions that I really don't remember, and then HE took my blood pressure. I frowned at Alaskaboy, because, hello! Doctors leave that sort of shit up to the nurses.

Then he broke the news to us. My urine sample had returned a +4 result for protein. (Apparently a rather bad result to receive.) To top it off, my blood pressure was currently 180/110.

Say what? The HIGHEST I'd ever been before was 130/80 and that was in the middle of all those anxiety attacks. (And once earlier in the pregnancy.) 180/110 is stroke territory!

Those results plus the pain in my side meant I was to be admitted to the hospital for more tests and would likely be having my baby that very day: I most probably had preeclampsia, or something worse. What had been a normal healthy pregnancy was now suddenly a possible life or death situation.

On the way to the hospital from Dr Awesome's office we each were busy on our mobile phones, notifying the various people we had to of our changed circumstances. I felt awful calling my parents during the wee hours of the morning their time, but I figured the situation warranted it. To this day, I believe my mother went into complete shock upon hearing what I had to say. Punctuating most of her conversation were several phrases along the lines of, “It's 4 o'clock in the morning!” She'd fixated on the mundane annoyance rather than taking in the horrible news I'd just given them...from half way around the world.

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cmae said...

OMG Kada this sounds utterly frightening. I'm so happy that Kiddlywink is doing much better, gaining weight and learning to nurse.