Monday, June 08, 2009

Birth Announcement.

Hi Everyone,

After coming down with HELLP syndrome, Kada was given an emergency
cesarean section under general anesthetic.

Baby girl Kiddlywink born 3lb 10 ozs. (4lbs at discharge.) (For her privacy, in public internet places we'll still be using her pseudonym of Kiddlywink.)

Both of us spent a week in icu and are now home. Eating, sleeping, using
the bathroom and snuggling are the main activities for all three of us,
as you would expect. LOL

Alaskaboy and Kada
Completely besotted parents of Kiddlywink.

7 Nibbles:

Joc said...

Oh she is just too gorgeous for words, and I am sure you will hear this so often you'll be sick of it, but she is so tiny! All of my babies were huge heifers, so I am always entranced by such tiny perfection when I see it.

Congratulations again.

sharnee said...

oh what a gorgeous little thing!!!

cmae said...

What a sweetie beet!! Email me at I hope you are all doing great!

gwyneth said...

Congratulations! She's really cute. I'm so glad you all seem to be doing OK.

Marshmallow said...

Kiddlywink is absolutely beautiful :-) I'm not at all surprised, given who the parents are!

Congratulations again :-)

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

She is adorable... You are very lucky to get to come home so soon.. my first born was nealry 11 weeks prem and 2 lb 14 oz.. but we had 9 weeks in hospital!!!
Hope you are feeling weel and that you are managing to get some sleep...
How early was she??

Lisa B said...

Sounds like a rough week but looks like the result was worth it. Kiddlywink is absolutely beautiful. Have fun with the new family and CONGRATULATIONS!

Wishing you love, peace and rest! ;-)