Friday, May 29, 2009


Mum called to say that an ambulance had just arrived to take Nan back to the hospital for reevaluation.
The pain hasn't really gone away and as of Thursday she's been incontinent every time she's stood up.
The urologist who came out to see her yesterday suggested there's something more going on than just the fractured pelvis, possibly nerve damage.
They went to take her in today, but couldn't get her to move: Apparently the pain she's describing as "worse than childbirth."
Thus the ambulance with the nice strong men and pain drugs.

And me? I'm at the unfun part of being pregnant. Can't breathe properly. Can't fit more than a half cup of food or water in my stomach at any one time and not more than a few times a day. Feel like I've got both a pulled stomach muscle from coughing AND a floating rib in the back there somewhere. And the lovely Braxton Hicks contractions are starting to HURT now.
Can't even sit in a position that's comfy to blog about it, and crying is hard to do when can't breathe very well, so that's adding to the anxiety and miserableness that I can't get it out in my usual ways.
Off to blubber on my obgyn's shoulder. {sigh}

There's been other stuff going on, both good and bad, but see unable to blog.

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Joc said...

Oh Kada I feel for you, I remember this stage of pregnancy. The good news, once the baby is born you wont think about it much (I did it again two times after the firstborn).

Sorry to hear about your Nan, I hope things improve for her quickly.

Take care, I have my fingers crossed for an uneventful next seven weeks or so.


Marshmallow said...

Oh gosh, that's so awful for you both you and your Mum - I remember how much pain you were in when I saw you, and I'm sorry to hear that it's still affecting you :-(

Big (but gentle!) hugs to you.

And as an aside, it was so lovely to meet you and Alaska Boy :-) I'm really looking forward to seeing you again in December/January.

alaskagirl said...

BLOG UPDATE 6/2/09: Kada tried to have me sign in and update the blog properly, but it wouldn't let me for some reason, so hopefully dedicated readers will check these comments.

What Kada thought were the normal pains of late pregnancy was actually HELLP syndrome, and as a result, she had an emergency C-section. Kiddlywink has joined us in breathing air, and quite well, too, for such an early, tiny baby.

Both Kada and Kiddlywink are doing well (now). Kiddlywink is over 3.5 pounds, and apparently the spitting image of her daddy. She gets time to sleep on her daddy's chest (kangaroo care), and Kada is well enough to do some care too.

cmae said...

OMG!!! KADA!! Congratulations!!!