Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got Any Prayers/Good Vibes To Wing This Way?

Received a very quick call from Mum this morning as she was trying to shove some cereal in her face before going to work. Apparently, last night(AU time) Nan had put some rubbish in the wheelie bin outside then when she turned to come back inside she ended up falling over. She doesn't remember "having a turn or anything like that" but she did fall.

And then somehow crawled back inside with a fractured pelvis. (Not to mention the rheumatoid arthritis in her spine and hands.) The next bit's a bit fuzzy because I'm getting it fourthhand but either she's called my Aunt who was on break, or waited the few minutes after she managed to get back in the house it would take for the Aunt to call. (She's the one who lives with Nan.)

Boy, did she get a lecture when she finally called the Ambos and they arrived. We've tried to drill it into her to call 000 (Aus version of 911) but she always calls a family member first, or someone thankfully has been at home if something's happened in the past.

I honestly thought she had one of those emergency alert systems, but am betting she talked them out of getting her one each time it's been brought up. Hopefully now they'll override her stubborn old {mumblemutter} But knowing her she'd still probably try and reach family first.

Sorry. Ranting, but it was a bit of a shock to wake up from a dead sleep to that sort of news.

Any prayers you could spare for a speedy recovery would be much appreciated.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

This rant brought to you by the letters, D and B.

I'm so very glad that I've been taking this photographic record each month of my growing belly. I know a lot of larger women don't.

And why don't they?

Because, like in so many other instances, they're made to feel like their wonderful baby bumps are not beautiful enough to share...unless they look like those adorable and oh so perky ones we see in magazines. But I'm betting those bellies we see in magazines, they're following as many rules about what's "acceptable" as non-pregnant tummies/bodies do.

So many women on one of the PLUS SIZE pregnancy boards I belong to express shame about having B bump instead of a the more socially acceptable D shaped. Yeah, you read that right: SHAME! About the amazing vessel their beautiful new child is growing within. They won't even post clothed photos in a space that is reserved solely for the use of other plus size mums.

I've studied ads, both print and other media and not just still media either, ever since I first started trying to get pregnant. Every where a baby bump turned up, I carefully took note of size, shape, position relative to how high or low the baby was situated, belly button inny or outy, etc etc. Naturally, I also compared "plus size" shots with "regular size" shots.

Wanna know what I've been seeing? There seems to be only two kinds of pregnant belly out there in Ad Land.
: 4-5 months for that oh so teeny cute, "look, I'm just pregnant." You know the one, gently rounded so that the barest hint of midriff shows in between the artfully gaping shirt and waistband.
: and the 6-8 month pregnant belly. The much more obviously pregnant stomach. But certainly nowhere near the OMG she's gonna blow! look you get on towards the 9th-10th month.

Most appear to be singleton pregnancies. None have stretch marks or a even the thinnest linea nigra down the belly. None have obviously visible veins through the tightly stretched skin. Most seem to ride comfortably low. No beach balls protruding straight out from the boobies, thank you very much. Must be able to distinguish some form of upper abdomen before getting to the separate and all enticing breastal region.

And of course the breasts must also still be within the tasteful range. Able to be supported, at least for the photography session, by a pretty maternity bra. That's a dead giveaway about just how plus the plus-sizes are too. Once you get beyond DD cups in maternity/nursing bras? We're in Tricolour land. Black, white or neutral bras that could out starch any hospital matron's bowline as she sails serenely along the wards. We're talking serious hydraulic lift here people. And that doesn't come in any form of pretty. Serviceable is more the term I'd use. Or better yet, utilitarian!

If I hadn't been taking regular photos of my belly, I truly wouldn't have realised just how much my belly is changing and growing. Yes, I still have my B belly shape, (probably always will, it's the same shape as my mum's and her sisters' with the added bonus of the same fatty lumps my dad has,) but it is indeed altered from before I got pregnant. Not only with how far it protrudes out, but with how the slopes and shapes of each bump change. Looking at this photo merge, I can no longer honestly say I haven't really changed all that much. Yet, without it, I'd have no clue how pregnant I actually look; even in this non-maternity outfit I'm wearing for these shots.

I'll be forever grateful that I did so much body image work before I got pregnant. I've only had a few moments where I've felt uncomfortable or OMG I'm HUGE since getting pregnant. It leaves a stunningly awful taste in my mouth to realise I could have been one of those ones loathing my growing belly for not being "right".

It's not just the plus size girls feeling shame and loathing, so many thinner women also feel loathing, even if they do have the supposedly "perfect" pregnancy bod from what I can see. And for that, I again blame the media. Pregnancy used to be a time that was sacred. Any of the cattiness usually reserved for famous women and their outfits or weight was toned down out of respect for the status as a mother. Nowadays we have "Supermums"who look to me like they're a good candidates for cheeseburger or two, and could definitely skip a workout or twenty, and I wonder how they're affecting their foetus by under eating and over working out

Oh and then! Then if the women dare to get that soft, curved look you get when pregnant, (hello! all the excess blood, fluids and fat the body requires for you to be safely pregnant occur naturally, yes even in the tops of your arms and under your chin.) they're accused of eating 50 cheeseburgers at a meal. Gimme a break!

You know what? Pregnancy requires cushioning. There's a natural, scientific reason some women gain 60 plus pounds. (Other than feeling like a kid being let loose in a candy store and for the first time actually being given permission to eat all you want. Or other hormonal/medical reasons.) I'm betting those women have been dieting for decades and most probably are always "underweight" for their height. So, you not only are going to get the natural amount of pregnancy gain, but you're also going to get diet rebound on top of that.

So is it any wonder when famous, stunningly beautiful people still can't get it "right", and the only women who can are models that are primped, preened and photoshopped into that plastic look we've all come to know and love. Where does that leave the rest of us?

I can't even go look at Shape Of A Mother anymore, because my heart breaks for all those women who loathe their bodies during pregnancy and after childbirth, and for the ones who won't ever post their photo there because of how deep the self loathing goes or the belief that they don't deserve to be up there.

It literally has me sobbing each time that these women who have achieved something so wonderful, (something that many other women would kill for the opportunity to have those kinds of stretch marks and saggy baggy skin) cannot see the beauty in themselves. And then, the ones who can see their beauty? Well, I cry over them too. For sheer joy. So yeah, shape of a mother, not such a good place for me at the moment.

What IS a good place though right now, is the kitchen. I'm ready for dindins. Catch yas later. Mmm, spaghetti bolognese.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Looking Forward To Summer.

If these last three days of mid 90s temps are any indication then I'm gonna be spending most of June in the bathtub! Or lolling on the couch wearing nothing but my trusty bella band.

Last year I finally understood too hot to eat. Now I understand too hot to nap. I never thought I'd say those words.

Those of you who had summer babies, how'd you cope with the heat while pregnant? Do you feel less hot after the baby's born? (Although, then there's the hot'n'sweaty snuggling!)

Am I being naive in still hoping we can avoid forking out for a portable airconditioner?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Registry and Virtual Baby Shower.

Hi All!

(If you already know what gift you're wishing to give Kiddlywink, or aren't getting one at all, then that's fabulous! You can ignore this whole post. LOL)

Like other important events during our courtship and married life, we definitely feel the long distance part of the equation during moments we'd love to be sharing with all our family and friends. We're very bummed that we won't be able to have a baby shower, the usual kind where people come and have a fabulous time playing games, rubbing the belly, eating food, talking, and possibly bringing a gift.

So, we're planning a virtual baby shower. In fact have filmed the first two episodes/chapters already. Yes, we're filming ourselves opening the gifts we receive and will then be sending a dvd on as our way of saying thanks. (It'll be up to each of you if you want only the segment containing your own gift being opened, or the whole lot.)

In light of that, many of you have asked what we'll need/want. It's taken us well over a month, shopping for hours on end each weekend and sometimes during the week too, to figure that out. The saga of finding the right pack'n'play which we'll be using for Kiddlywink's bassinet is practically a novel in and of itself! And we're still not sure if we've chosen everything we'll need, or if we've fallen for anything that's a gimmick etc. Time will tell, we guess.

With only 11 and a half weeks to go till the due date, we're starting to enter that surreal stage where we're realising that this is actually happening. And we have to get ready to meet this brand new person and care for him/her.

For those that are inclined to buy a gift for Kiddlywink, but aren't sure what to get, drop me a line at timtampimp residing in yahoo by the dot and the com, if you catch my drift. ;)

oh and I do have posts lined up other than baby stuff, I promise, we've just been so hectic lately it's been hard to find time to post anything!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

28 Weeks.

Just got back from appointment.

Kiddlywink is measuring at 2 lbs 5ozs so far and growing beautifully. Plenty of amniotic fluid available, AND I passed the glucose test with flying colours.

Can hardly believe it's only 12ish weeks to go already. Can't believe how much more I waddle and wallow. Have given up swimming laps as I pretty much flounder along like a hippo now. Am enjoying water aerobics though, especially on Saturdays when Alaskaboy comes along to do it was well. :)

Did get some fabulous gas/brake pedal extenders last weekend, am now comfortable driving again and no longer stressing about getting to appointments or driving my bro around when he comes to visit.

Feeling well, but starting to get nervous about coping with both the upcoming hot weather and the eventual birth.

Am nodding off in the chair. Yay Nap Time!

Looking forward to catching up more. . .after nap.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Following Orders.

"Kick Daddy in the head!" says Daddy with his head on Mummy's belly.

And without fail, Kiddlywink does. Every. Single. Time. Often right in his earhole!

I believe this makes Kiddlywink the first true Master of Tae Kwan Leep I know. LOL