Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The last few days I've felt like I've been moving through mud. Everything was an effort, physically and mentally. I also felt thirsty, no matter how much water/fluids I drank and peed out. Saturday for lunch I felt a strong urge for a bowl of pumpkin soup, a strawberry and banana smoothie, and some steamed cabbage for lunch. Even that didn't help in the long run, so by Sunday night I HAD to drink a bottle of Gatorade rightthatverysecond.

Yesterday, I again skolled a bottle of Gatorade as my breakfast drink. And then, in the pool, (yes, I said IN the pool, most competitive swimmers end up learning to do it because there isn't TIME to get out during training) I peed at least two and a half times as often as I normally do. Now, this usually happens when I've eaten a little too much salt in the preceding days and I'm retaining fluid. I swear the pool acts like one gigantic circulation stocking at that point: Squeeeeze goes the pool and Peeeee goes Kada!

All afternoon the remaining three bananas in the fruit bowl were beckoning me, despite their completely black squishyness, but when I opened them up, they were beyond even smoothie or cake making. Bummer. When my stomach announced it was dinner time, it emphatically ignored everything in the house and demanded I go and get it bananas from the shop right then, plus lettuce and avocados to make a sandwich to go along with the smoothie. So, I ventured forth into the grocery store during a time I usually avoid going out on the streets; right smack dab in the middle of all those hungry people madly shopping for dinner on the way home from work.

I got in and out fairly quickly, (hooray for 10 items or less lines!) and got back to the car to discover my banana buying obsession had caused me to forget to lock the car. Something I NEVER forget. Nothing was missing, thankfully. . .except bananas from my belly, so I had one of those peeled and eaten before I got half way home. Bear in mind we normally buy the smallest bunch of the physically smallest bananas we can find. Last night however, I bought the two largest bunches on the table of the bananas that are nearly a foot long each!

Again with how apathetic I felt the last several days, I was still ignoring the dishes, thus the blender was dirty. My body also wasn't willing to wait for me to wash it. Now that I'd had the banana, the rest of the smoothie component was demanded; in this case it was one of the vanilla UHT milks, straight from the cupboard. No time to wait for ICE! You must drink it now and then make my sandwich, woman!

Two slices of bread, each with half a smallish avocado mashed onto it, a splash of salsa and some red leaf lettuce to top it with and I was in open-faced sandwich heaven. And as I found out this morning when, out of curiosity, I researched avocadoes, I was even more in potassium heaven than I'd figured. I guessed once I wanted heaps of Gatorade and bananas that I was probably depleted/unbalanced after all that salt and peeing. But for my clever body to know about avocadoes being a high source of potassium, when I had not the slightest clue? Now that's intuitive eating!

Funnily enough, this morning I woke up, bounced out of bed, had a bowl of cereal with another honkin' huge banana on it, and was starting the dishes before I'd even got dressed! Holy renewed energy, Batman!

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Anonymous said...

Peeing in the pool? This is why I avoid public pools. Hopefully all you who are training share the same pool, nasty.

MizFit said...

still bouncing full o'energy??