Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Holidays.

Holy Shiiiiit! How'd it get to be the first of December already? Twelve months ago everything necessary for Christmas was done and we were frantically getting ready to go to Australia. This year I haven't even written my Christmas letter yet! Sure, some of the presents are bought, but I'm behind! Aiyeeee! Now I can appreciate why some people find the holiday season to be stressful.

My To Do List for this week is insanely long, but I did make sure to add exercise to it, specific kinds of exercise. I know exercise helps with my stress levels, especially swimming. It was SO nice last week when I went, the water was deliciously warm. I didn't swim as far as usual, but that's fair enough considering I hadn't swum for over eight weeks. The real shocker though was when I got back out of the pool and headed off to the changing rooms. The main hallway is a T-intersection, with the pool on one branch of the T and the changing rooms on the other. BUT! At the bottom of the T, it does a 90deg turn and less than ten metres away, there's the door to outside. Now, during summer and autumn that's not so bad, but in winter? Even here in CA the breeze is nasty when you're dripping wet and just got out of a pool that's almost bath temperature. Talk about freeze ya tits off! (And believe me, with my rack, that takes some doing!) So, this week I'll be taking along a bath robe to wear. Those old ladies aren't so silly after all!

Thanksgiving was lovely. I have a lot to be thankful for, this year especially. It's always nice rolling out that list of stuff over the dinner conversation with Alaskaboy. It always makes us realise just how much we're thankful for and how deeply grateful we are. The late-lunch/dinner itself was delish. We had a roast chicken, with Alaskaboy's saffron stuffing, mainly because we already had one in the freezer and the small organic turkeys were at least $45 a pop. And that was from Costco! Our side dishes were roasted sweet potato, roasted turnip, roasted carrot, and roasted shallots; steamed napa cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli; mashed potatoes; the stuffing; home made cranberry and orange relish; and home made onion gravy. With of course a pumpkin pie for dessert, but we only managed a small piece of that for a snack/dessert a few hours later. Oh and Martinelli's sparkling grape and apple cider for drinkypoos. (there is a picture, but since the digital camera is in the shop...it's a real photo and not yet developed.)

It sounds like a lot of food, and it was, but with such variety we picked and chose exactly what we wanted and ate until we'd had enough, with plenty of leftovers for later. The traditional way we eat the roast veggie leftovers at my house is to make Bubble And Squeak. Pretty much you grab a nice mix of the roast veggies and steamed veggies (with the main base being the potatoes, mashed or roasted) and lightly smush them in a saucepan or frying pan while sautéing in a little butter until warmed through. Can add a little milk in if it starts to stick too. The name is suggestive of the sounds it makes while warming up in the pan. It kinda bubbles like oatmeal/porridge does when almost cooked and can even squeal/squeak as some of the steam escapes. Some people have a different name for it, but no matter what you call it, it's fan-bloody-tastic on toast for breakfast. I'm betting it'd even be good made into vegetable patties. NOM!

The weekend was pretty relaxing. We spent it talking on the phone, playing card/board games (I adore Dutch Blitz!) and just generally spending time with each other, and family however possible. Speaking of family, this year for Christmas we're flying out early on Christmas Morning to visit the in-laws. So early in fact we arrive just in time to get up for the presents on Christmas Day. Wonder if we'll spot Santa from the plane window as he flits across the country on his merry way?

Well, I did have more to talk about, but this isn't helping get anything crossed off my own list, which I haven't checked once yet, let alone twice. Yesterday it REALLY didn't help that we bought a Wii. I must admit we spent more hours than we should have playing Mario Super Galaxy, and I snuck in an extra galaxy or two this morning waiting for breakfast to cook. LOL I am hopeless when it comes to rationing myself with games, Nintendo ones in particular, so if push comes to shove, I may have to get Alaskaboy to take the controllers to work with him. Hopefully not though. I'd like to think I've grown at least a leeeeettle in the years since the GameCube came out.

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend/Thanksgiving and that you've got your holiday stuff if not finished, at least started. :)

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