Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flight Of The Hungry Hippo.

For those of you that have been around a pregnant woman, or have been pregnant yourselves, you may have witnessed the phenomenon that can be a pregnant woman's appetite. No matter whether she's full on a small or large amount of food for many women there is the moment their body signals not the plain old hunger they've known all their lives but an all consuming ravenous bestial HUNGER! My husband has learned two key survival tricks: Don't ever get between a pregnant woman and her food/water supply. And don't get between a pregnant woman and the nearest toilet.

My HUNGER beast comes out approx every two and a half to three hours, but I'm eating smaller amounts than I did before. Leading up to the red-eye flight out on Christmas Eve I'd been worried about getting enough sleep on the trip because I never sleep on planes. (Mouth breather and the air is too dry.) The food I never worry about. We always take a good variety of snacks on the plane, both carbs and protein, but I admit this time we did neglect to take any bread products like pretzels or chips. Since these days everyone has to be at the airport hours before a flight actually leaves, we usually end up eating a smallish meal at the airport. I say usually because this trip that was not the case.

I don't know how much things were different because it was Christmas Eve or it was simply because this particular terminal acts more like a municipal airfield than a large international airport--We've noticed previously they close earlier than the other terminals' restaurants—but all of the restaurants in this particular terminal were closed by the time we got there. So closed in fact that the cleaning staff were almost finished their stint. Just after 10pm. Not only were the restaurants closed but so were all the refreshment kiosks. And not a vending machine in sight. In a terminal that has flights leaving until 1am!

I will half grant them the fact that there were two water fountains available, but not everyone can drink from those and we're no longer allowed to bring water through security. There went not only any chance of purchasing the food I wanted but also the water and Gatorade I'd need to drink on the plane. I do believe I had a full thirty seconds of mental screaming in panic. Thankfully, none of that translated to the surface nor did the running around in circles. I made sure to scout the entire length of the terminal. . .not even the Duty Free Shop sold water.

At this point I wasn't thirsty because we'd each finished off a whole 600ml bottle of water while standing in the security line. I knew I was gonna be hungry soon though. All I'd fancied to eat all day was cold roast chicken sandwiches, so each meal was one of those. For this meal my body was demanding something hot and filling. No such luck, kiddo.

So I queued up in front of the desk at our gate to ask one of the airline staff about supplies available to be purchased on the plane. The line was only five people deep (me in the third position) when a guy angled in from the side and cut in line between one person leaving the desk and the other person waiting to be called forward. Not quite realising what he'd been doing till he'd already asked his question all we could do was watch him ask his question and then leave. A question involving whether or not our delay of less than thirty minutes would effect him catching his next plane which was due to take off an hour and a half after our new arrival time. A question that was important to him, yes. But I fumed inwardly. I mean, c'mon! The line is only five deep and it's moving quickly plus it was still an hour till the plane would take off.

As the line crept forward after each subsequent person asked their own questions, I watched the guy who was fifth in line start to inch forward and sideways to do the same procedure. Hell No, buddy! I thought.

And when he stepped forward to cut me off, I said in a polite but VERY firm tone, “There's a line you know!”

He replied, “I know, but I only have a question.”

And my tone got firmer, “We ALL only have questions. Wait your turn.”

“All right, just relax!”

The airline guy beckoning me forward silenced any retort I may have come back with. But on the way back to my seat in the lounge I thought, RELAX! he says. I'm worried about whether I'm gonna be able to eat and/or drink on the plane other than a soda and some pretzels, YOU'RE jumping the queue, and you're telling ME to relax! You rude fuck! Was he THAT shocked that a short, fat woman spoke to him in a firm tone, without being rude, aggressive or swearing at him thereby leaving him no other option than to be embarrassed by being called out on his actions? LOL Idiot. Relax? WTF!

I ranted to Alaskaboy for a couple of minutes about it and then realised I was all of a sudden hungry. (Not yet HUNGRY) Trying to make the best of the situation I nibbled on some dried mango strips, some unsalted dry roasted peanuts and some choc-coated raisins. It wasn't satisfying but it did shut the rumbles up. It also put me in a better mood. By the time we were on the plane and taking off I was miserable. SO thirsty that I was wishing I'd given in and drunk from the fountains. L.A. tap water is so hard it tends to give me an upset stomach, but an upset stomach later HAD to be better than perishing of thirst while we waited for the flight attendants to be released to bring us a drink.

At one point I turned to Alaskaboy and asked, “Haven't they usually begun the beverage service by now?” And if I'm to be honest that question had more whine in it that a roomful of toddlers could manage. He showed me the time, and we'd only been in the air for fifteen minutes. I would have sworn it was closer to 40 minutes. Crap! Then, when the seatbelt signs went off, someone sitting a few rows in front of us called the attendant straight away, and lo and behold they brought him a cup of water. My hand was up to catch his attention licketty-split.

Not sure if the water was from the airplane's tank or not, same end result as L.A. water, I sipped very cautiously. I managed to get through half of it by the time they pulled the cart up past us. Then I saw the big bottles of spring water perched on top. GULP! The rest was gone.

When they got to us, I asked to purchase two of the bottles of water. They couldn't sell them to me. But when I informed her that I usually drink two litres during the flight, she poured me three cups of water without question and told me to ask for more when I needed it. Which I never needed to ask because she was always back offering me three more as I was finishing off the last one. Much friendlier than other flight attendants I've had who've begrudged pouring me a water and a soft drink at the same time before.

Thirst quenched, my HUNGER stopped waiting its turn and roared out of hiding. I've always refused to buy those snack boxes they have on the planes. 1) Because the snacks we bring on are usually enough and 2) Just put the price of the tickets up already and bring back “free” luggage and inflight meal service! $5 for a little box of nothing! Bugger that!

This time I was begging Alaskaboy to ask them what was in the snack boxes. PLEADING with the universe that there was at least some sort of cheese-like product in there and some crackers plus anything else I may be able to eat. Fruit and nuts weren't cutting it anymore, were in fact making me nauseous at the thought of eating them. When the stewardess got to the first items on the list and they were cheese and crackers, I said, “I'll take two!” She only heard me agree to take a box, and then tried to give Alaskaboy back the second five dollar note he handed to her. No, no, no! TWO!

Finally, I had a box of food in my hot little hands. I couldn't get that plastic wrapper off fast enough. When I opened the lid and the first things I saw were a small bag of pita chips and a small can of tuna, my heart stopped under the weight of all that hope. When I saw it was a kind that contains wild caught tuna, I may have fainted in delight. And the swoon only got deeper as I uncovered a bag of cookies AND two kinds of REAL cheese plus two packets of crackers.

It took my suddenly wobbly hands forever to peel the ring pull lid off the can. It didn't help I was afraid I'd pull too hard and that precious mother lode would fly out of the can and go splat on the window or the head of the guy in front of me! Drowning in a combination of heavenly lemon pepper scent and the flood of drool it produced, I lifted that first mouthful to my lips. I know for a fact I would have done a porn star proud with the sounds I made as I slid the little plastic fork back out of my mouth.

Crappy little five dollar box of nothing? Let's call it the best five dollars I've ever spent! And thanks to my inability to judge my meal sizes still, I was full after the one box. Full as in stuffed to the gills. So, I turned to Alaskaboy, “I'm really stuffed. Here, you eat this.” I said, holding out the second box to him. He got a little wild-eyed and said, “Do you think I'm crazy or something? We still have hours to go before breakfast yet. You keep that in case you need it.”

I guess the survival lessons have sunk in bone deep. LOL


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I know I've been kinda quiet lately, sorry about that. We've been flat out preparing all of the usual Christmas stuff; wrapping presents, writing Christmas letter and sending out cards. This year our efforts were hampered a little because I really wasn't there all mentally. After the banana and avocado episode where I felt so wonderful, I continued to feel wonderful for a few more days, and then my brains pretty much got scrambled, even more so than they have been lately.

However, it is a good thing to have my brain doing this at the moment. Not so good for me or for our To Do List, but it does mean that my body is full of wonderful hormones that are briskly going about doing their jobs. After I had some spotting last week and the week before I was really afraid that they WEREN'T doing their job properly and I pretty much stopped posting all together to rest up as much as possible. (I didn't even write some of the Draft mode posts I've been secretly doing and will now hit Publish on.)

We went in today for our next scheduled appointment and were happy to see that all is well and proceeding normally. Yes, all this obscure talk means that I am indeed pregnant. If all goes well, we'll be expecting to increase our family by one around 10th of July next year.

Sorry it's such a short update but we are heading out for our Christmas vacation tomorrow and so we're kinda in the middle of preparing for that. Thank God there's only one of us having pregnancy brain else we'd probably fly out with all the wrong clothes or something. LOL

Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday season and that the new year is a healthy and prosperous one.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Not Pickles And Ice Cream. . .It's Weirder!

After my lasagne cum meat pie episode the other day, I thought I could safely assume that would be the weirdest my eating would get. Ahhh, nope.

Today for lunch I wanted the leftover tuscan beans with sage (chickpeas/garbanzo beans, diced tomatoes, sage, garlic, lemon juice, simmered till it's a sauce). That in itself is not weird. I normally throw a dash of fresh ground black pepper on it and serve it over pasta shapes of some kind.

After how much pasta I've eaten lately, I felt like eating it with buttered toast today. The pepper wasn't quite doing it for me, so I added in some parmesan cheese. A bit of beans then a bite of toast...tasty, but still not right.

What I really fancied was Vegemite toast.

I spread some on, assuming I'd eat it after I finished the beans.

But after a couple more spoonfuls of beans, I knew I had to eat the toast WITH the beans.


Not alongside, as in alternating bites. Literally spoon some on to the toast and eat that! Then repeat.

God it was good. Weird, oddly nauseating to look at yet very tasty.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The last few days I've felt like I've been moving through mud. Everything was an effort, physically and mentally. I also felt thirsty, no matter how much water/fluids I drank and peed out. Saturday for lunch I felt a strong urge for a bowl of pumpkin soup, a strawberry and banana smoothie, and some steamed cabbage for lunch. Even that didn't help in the long run, so by Sunday night I HAD to drink a bottle of Gatorade rightthatverysecond.

Yesterday, I again skolled a bottle of Gatorade as my breakfast drink. And then, in the pool, (yes, I said IN the pool, most competitive swimmers end up learning to do it because there isn't TIME to get out during training) I peed at least two and a half times as often as I normally do. Now, this usually happens when I've eaten a little too much salt in the preceding days and I'm retaining fluid. I swear the pool acts like one gigantic circulation stocking at that point: Squeeeeze goes the pool and Peeeee goes Kada!

All afternoon the remaining three bananas in the fruit bowl were beckoning me, despite their completely black squishyness, but when I opened them up, they were beyond even smoothie or cake making. Bummer. When my stomach announced it was dinner time, it emphatically ignored everything in the house and demanded I go and get it bananas from the shop right then, plus lettuce and avocados to make a sandwich to go along with the smoothie. So, I ventured forth into the grocery store during a time I usually avoid going out on the streets; right smack dab in the middle of all those hungry people madly shopping for dinner on the way home from work.

I got in and out fairly quickly, (hooray for 10 items or less lines!) and got back to the car to discover my banana buying obsession had caused me to forget to lock the car. Something I NEVER forget. Nothing was missing, thankfully. . .except bananas from my belly, so I had one of those peeled and eaten before I got half way home. Bear in mind we normally buy the smallest bunch of the physically smallest bananas we can find. Last night however, I bought the two largest bunches on the table of the bananas that are nearly a foot long each!

Again with how apathetic I felt the last several days, I was still ignoring the dishes, thus the blender was dirty. My body also wasn't willing to wait for me to wash it. Now that I'd had the banana, the rest of the smoothie component was demanded; in this case it was one of the vanilla UHT milks, straight from the cupboard. No time to wait for ICE! You must drink it now and then make my sandwich, woman!

Two slices of bread, each with half a smallish avocado mashed onto it, a splash of salsa and some red leaf lettuce to top it with and I was in open-faced sandwich heaven. And as I found out this morning when, out of curiosity, I researched avocadoes, I was even more in potassium heaven than I'd figured. I guessed once I wanted heaps of Gatorade and bananas that I was probably depleted/unbalanced after all that salt and peeing. But for my clever body to know about avocadoes being a high source of potassium, when I had not the slightest clue? Now that's intuitive eating!

Funnily enough, this morning I woke up, bounced out of bed, had a bowl of cereal with another honkin' huge banana on it, and was starting the dishes before I'd even got dressed! Holy renewed energy, Batman!


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Okay, That Was OFFICIALLY Weird!

On the way home from my swim this morning, I had a sudden urge for a meat pie. Knowing I wasn't hungry due to my post swim snack of almonds and dried mango, had eaten plenty of beef recently, and was unable to GET a pie without making it myself, I acknowledged the urge then let it go.

I got home and hung out the various bits to dry and chucked my bathers in a portable sink to be hand washed. Then, feeling a little out of sorts, neither hungry, tired enough to nap, nor motivated enough to do anything else, I jumped online to catch up on anything I may have missed over the weekend. No emails other than junk. Only a few updates on websites. I guess everyone else is in the middle of being busy too. I've heard that happens this time of year. {wink}

Eventually enough time passed that I was hungry. But I really didn't know what I wanted. HATE that! I did my best impression of a teenager, staring wistfully into every single food cupboard in the kitchen. I even stood with the door to the fridge open for a good five minutes. . .and closed it, still empty handed!

{cue gusty sigh}

Even better was my other impression; a teenager being blind to the absolute disaster in the kitchen, even though it was on my chores list for the weekend. LOL

When my stomach suggested lasagne (Again! I'd already had four serves since I made it on Friday!) I went along with that as it was easiest. Pulled a hunk out of the freezer, unwrapped it, dumped it on a plate and microwaved it. It wasn't quite heated through after the first go, so I put it on for a few more minutes, and wandered around trying to find something interesting to do. Cross stitch? Nah. Mario Galaxy? Nope. Read? Read everything already.

Ohh, I know. I'm hungry. Really hungry. And I want mustard pickles! No, not pickles and cheese or chicken, just a pickles sandwich! With those yummy chunks of cauliflower in it! {drooool}

So I made that up and shoved it in so fast I think I forgot to breathe.

Finally the lasagne was warmed up. . .except I'd overheated it. It was a lean beef sauce to start with, so there wasn't a lot of grease in it. Now that I'd overnuked it, a lot of the sauce had been absorbed into the pasta, leaving behind well-flavoured meaty bits in only a little bit of sauce. And the yummy crunchy cheesy bit on top was even crunchier! I chopped the lasagne up to allow it to cool quicker. But had to wait a few minutes till I could eat.

The first bite was not nice, it was dry. Hmmm. So, I did what I do sometimes when the mood strikes with reheated vegetable lasagne, I put ketchup/tomato sauce on top. And you wanna know the REALLY weird thing? Somehow. . .with the sauce, meat chunks, the soft noodle bits plus the intermittent crunchy bit from the top layer of lasagne. . .it tasted exactly like, and had the mouth feel of, a meat pie.

I shit you not! The more I ate the more it was like a pie. It probably helped that my nose was a little stuffy after the swim, but I'll swear on anything you want me to swear on, it was like a meat pie. (And no, I wasn't drunk, high, or under the influence of a hypnotist or some weird meat pie cult.)

Good news is, it satisfied my pie craving and now I don't have to make one. But it definitely would have to be one of my weirdest meals ever!


Friday, December 05, 2008

Oh For F's Sake!

I'm at 9 weeks pregnant today. The maternity bras I ordered online, thanks to being unable to find any that fit in any shop around here, arrived today. Since I grew out of my my old bras (40DD) I've been wearing XL sports bras/crop tops. Unfortunately since about a week ago, they really don't offer enough support for daytime wear, so I've been walking very gently recently. Now those bras are only good for sleeping in, which believe you me is a necessity.

The three bras that I ordered; 38-42F, 42-46F from the normal people section, and a 42F* in what they call the Supreme section. (A nice way of saying for us bigger lassies.) Now, the supreme bra I ordered as an afterthought, assuming because my measurements were correct that I'd fit into the other Original nursing bras.


I really don't know WHY I would think such a thing. I've always been in the super sturdy, thick straps'n'umpteen million hooks kind of bra. Thus, it always amuses me in the movies when the hero undoes the heroine's bra with only one hand. Even Houdini couldn't undo MY bra with only one hand! OF COURSE once again I'm in the super duper curvalicious section. None of that croptopesque nursing bras for me. We need some serious hydraulic support now!

And of course, the bras only come in white and a skin tone-kind of colour that they term butterscotch. (Ya know, it's still old lady blah! No matter what you call it!) No black, pink, blue, green, or heaven forfend leopard print, or some other colour for us bigger girls. No, we get white and blah. But ya know, I find myself falling into the properly grateful frame of mind that us fat girls are supposed to be in. . .because after all they at least have bras in my size!

And grateful I truly am. I now know exactly how The Diva felt when she first tried on Otto Titsling's new creation! LOL

*And I'm an F already? Holy crap what's it gonna be like when my milk comes in!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Star Wars!

This is taken from the Info section on the you Tube page

(A Star Wars-themed four-part a cappella song)


A BIG thank you and ALL musical credit goes to the a cappella comedy group Moosebutter (from Provo, UT), who greatly assisted me in the making of this video and memorizing their brilliant song "Star Wars" from their 2002 album 'see dee'. This video was done with their blessing and their support. Check out their website here:"


Happy Holidays.

Holy Shiiiiit! How'd it get to be the first of December already? Twelve months ago everything necessary for Christmas was done and we were frantically getting ready to go to Australia. This year I haven't even written my Christmas letter yet! Sure, some of the presents are bought, but I'm behind! Aiyeeee! Now I can appreciate why some people find the holiday season to be stressful.

My To Do List for this week is insanely long, but I did make sure to add exercise to it, specific kinds of exercise. I know exercise helps with my stress levels, especially swimming. It was SO nice last week when I went, the water was deliciously warm. I didn't swim as far as usual, but that's fair enough considering I hadn't swum for over eight weeks. The real shocker though was when I got back out of the pool and headed off to the changing rooms. The main hallway is a T-intersection, with the pool on one branch of the T and the changing rooms on the other. BUT! At the bottom of the T, it does a 90deg turn and less than ten metres away, there's the door to outside. Now, during summer and autumn that's not so bad, but in winter? Even here in CA the breeze is nasty when you're dripping wet and just got out of a pool that's almost bath temperature. Talk about freeze ya tits off! (And believe me, with my rack, that takes some doing!) So, this week I'll be taking along a bath robe to wear. Those old ladies aren't so silly after all!

Thanksgiving was lovely. I have a lot to be thankful for, this year especially. It's always nice rolling out that list of stuff over the dinner conversation with Alaskaboy. It always makes us realise just how much we're thankful for and how deeply grateful we are. The late-lunch/dinner itself was delish. We had a roast chicken, with Alaskaboy's saffron stuffing, mainly because we already had one in the freezer and the small organic turkeys were at least $45 a pop. And that was from Costco! Our side dishes were roasted sweet potato, roasted turnip, roasted carrot, and roasted shallots; steamed napa cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli; mashed potatoes; the stuffing; home made cranberry and orange relish; and home made onion gravy. With of course a pumpkin pie for dessert, but we only managed a small piece of that for a snack/dessert a few hours later. Oh and Martinelli's sparkling grape and apple cider for drinkypoos. (there is a picture, but since the digital camera is in the's a real photo and not yet developed.)

It sounds like a lot of food, and it was, but with such variety we picked and chose exactly what we wanted and ate until we'd had enough, with plenty of leftovers for later. The traditional way we eat the roast veggie leftovers at my house is to make Bubble And Squeak. Pretty much you grab a nice mix of the roast veggies and steamed veggies (with the main base being the potatoes, mashed or roasted) and lightly smush them in a saucepan or frying pan while sautéing in a little butter until warmed through. Can add a little milk in if it starts to stick too. The name is suggestive of the sounds it makes while warming up in the pan. It kinda bubbles like oatmeal/porridge does when almost cooked and can even squeal/squeak as some of the steam escapes. Some people have a different name for it, but no matter what you call it, it's fan-bloody-tastic on toast for breakfast. I'm betting it'd even be good made into vegetable patties. NOM!

The weekend was pretty relaxing. We spent it talking on the phone, playing card/board games (I adore Dutch Blitz!) and just generally spending time with each other, and family however possible. Speaking of family, this year for Christmas we're flying out early on Christmas Morning to visit the in-laws. So early in fact we arrive just in time to get up for the presents on Christmas Day. Wonder if we'll spot Santa from the plane window as he flits across the country on his merry way?

Well, I did have more to talk about, but this isn't helping get anything crossed off my own list, which I haven't checked once yet, let alone twice. Yesterday it REALLY didn't help that we bought a Wii. I must admit we spent more hours than we should have playing Mario Super Galaxy, and I snuck in an extra galaxy or two this morning waiting for breakfast to cook. LOL I am hopeless when it comes to rationing myself with games, Nintendo ones in particular, so if push comes to shove, I may have to get Alaskaboy to take the controllers to work with him. Hopefully not though. I'd like to think I've grown at least a leeeeettle in the years since the GameCube came out.

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend/Thanksgiving and that you've got your holiday stuff if not finished, at least started. :)