Friday, November 07, 2008

San Diego The Sequel.

No I haven't forgot my trip report for the first trip, but it's taking awhile to write with how busy we've been lately.

This trip was MUCH better. No food poisoning. And Alaskaboy took Friday off and drove down with us. Ahhh, luxury compared to the first time we did the trip with Dr Kay when I drove from L.A. to San Diego three times in the one weekend!

Getting up at 7am on Friday after only 5 hours sleep was a bit rough, but that's what Alaskaboy and I get for farting about and failing to make sure we were packed and ready to go. We actually made it out the door only 16 minutes late. A big improvement on the last time when Dr Kay and I were over an hour late. I'm betting it helped this time that we were too tired to talk much in the morning. LOL

An uneventful trip down was made delightful by both the pleasant weather, the good conversation and the delicious breakfast/snacks we'd packed: peanut butter and lingonberry toasted sandwiches, beef jerky and some of the $2.99/lb oranges.

We arrived in time to throw Dr Kay out for her conference, then we drove off to do some sightseeing and shopping. Surprisingly, we pretty much got it all done in time to pick Dr Kay back up when she finished earlier than expected that evening.

We'd planned to have dinner at the wonderful restaurant we'd discovered last time and bragged about to Alaskaboy for months, and then head on out for a splash in the pool and the spa. But again we were all so tired, our usual enthusiastic foodie conversation about the meal was muted. Even the cup of chai wasn't enough to do more than raise my eyelids momentarily above half mast. So, to bed we went.

Saturday we were up bright and early. LOVE to watch the sun come up. We had breakfast in our room, shooed Dr Kay out the door and then went off to work ourselves. I was so pleased with how well the scouting worked out this time. I found most of the key places I was looking for that were important for plot points. And what I couldn't find, I'll be able to look up on the internet. Took several rolls of film worth of shots, then it was time to go get Dr Kay for lunch. Her introduction to In'N'Out burger. Which she liked, despite having to wait in line forever for the meal to come. Big mistake actually going at lunchtime! Oy Vey!

We whizzed her back in time for her next lecture, then dropped the car off at the hotel. After having a stickybeak around the whole exhibit hall, we took in a few of Dr Kay's next lectures with her. Then we schmoozed some more, with yummy appetisers and wine while we wandered the exhibit hall, this time tagging along behind Dr Kay.

With our appetites whetted and our feet sore, we headed off to the supermarket to buy supplies for our poolside picnic. There's something decidedly decadent about sitting on the pool deck many stories high and watching the stars come out while eating an array of appetising goodies. We lingered as long as we dared, but it was heading on towards closing time and after the previous evening's fade out we wanted IN the pool tonight, dammit!

For a change, I was the wuss when it came to getting in the water. They were in and frolicking while I was still standing shivering on the bottom step. Normally I'm the first one in and teasing the other babies about how wimpy they are. Lemme tell ya, pay back is A BITCH! LOL Eventually I got in and then it was pretty much like any other cooler day, warmer IN the water than half out.

I did get a little redemption when I kicked their arses up and down the pool with a few races we had. It was, however, short lived triumph. I was the first out of the pool because I couldn't stop my teeth chattering. Yeesh. I've always had a problem with overheating in spas/jacuzzis so I did my usual trick of rotating between sitting on the top step and the side of the spa. This year it was a decidedly cool breeze blowing, so I wrapped a towel around my shoulders...eventually dipping it in the warm water periodically to stay comfy enough all over.

We pushed it as late as we could, knowing the end of daylight savings would give us an extra hour's sleep. I was still shivering on the way back up to our room, even after drying off and sticking my sarong and t-shirt on. I felt like the biggest baby in the world. I also felt like I'd done nothing but say, "I can't do this, and I can't eat that," all bloody weekend. A huge change from how fit I felt last time we did the trip together. At that time I was also in the honeymoon phase of Intuitive Eating so I felt REALLY good.

After whining to Alaskaboy and then blubbering on Dr Kay, followed by my first full night's uninterrupted sleep in a week, I felt much better. But still tired with all the walking we'd done over the previous two days. So, after checking out, Alaskaboy and I spent a quiet day in the exhibit hall, either reading or attending lectures or using our laptops for work. Lunch was lovely. We finally got to attend the Bondi restaurant that the Aussie group had been raving about. We shared a roast lamb shank meal, blue grenadier fish and chips, a roasted vegetable sandwich and had some beer. Everything was tasty, and since the conference had cheap and nasty food for about the same price we would have paid for this meal, we were definitely satisfied.

Dr Kay fell asleep on the way home in the car, not surprised since she's a bit anaemic at the moment. I was starving by the time we were 2/3rds of the way home, but there was nothing we really were interested in stopping for. I'm thinking we were all completely fed up with eating restaurant meals, despite how fabulous they all were, because when we got home and I made a simple chickpea and veg pasta meal we wolfed it down like it was the best thing we'd eaten all weekend. LOL

And of course we were so tired we didn't even clean our teeth before falling into bed.

One regret is that we were too busy to meet up with some friends of ours who live down there, but next time we'll go down to visit just them.

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