Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cooling Down.

Now that the weather is cooling down--as much as it does here in L.A.--I find myself wanting warm foods again. I'm still trying to find a good vegetarian baked beans recipe. Anyone got any ideas for me? I've been wanting eggs on toast for breakfast with hot cups of tea, both herbal and caffeinated. The beans are also good on toast or as a side for a meal. But our meals have been mostly asian-inspired ones recently.

I made a chicken green curry the other night, but wanting to space out the chicken as we only had a couple of breasts left, I used only one. I added my usual veggies; onion, carrot, potato, butternut pumpkin. Also not really in the mood for a whole bunch of saturated fat because I'd eaten a LOT of Dr Kay's cheesecake recently, I added a can of fat free evaporated milk along with a can of coconut milk. (We usually use 2 cans light coconut milk. The too rich full fat kind has been the only one available recently though.) Chucked in a bit of brown sugar and fish sauce, the limes were a goner, and there was no green beans. Hmmmm. At the end of cooking time it wasn't quite right, apart from the other missing veg there wasn't enough meat really . So I threw in half a block of diced firm tofu and let it simmer for another ten minutes. MMMmmm Mmmmm. I know I'll be making THAT version again.

Not really knowing what to eat for lunch. . .I think it was Saturday, coulda been Sunday. . .one day last weekend, I reached for an old standby; canned salmon mashed with mayonnaise and a bit of lemon then eaten with crackers. But, I wasn't in the mood for it really, I wanted warm food. Not pasta, not leftover chicken stuff, not korean food or indian, something definitely with the salmon. Hmm, mushrooms, broccoli, red capsicum, onion, garlic, carrot, and some spinach...oooh I know what we haven't had in awhile! Salmon and Veg Mornay.

Nothing simpler than making up a quick white sauce, tossing in a bit of cheese, mustard powder and ground pepper, then dicing up a few veggies, sauteing them and adding in a couple cans of fish, plopping on the sauce, stirring in the baby spinach and serving it atop leftover rice. Alaskaboy wasn't sure if he was hungry, so he dished himself up a smaller than usual amount of the mornay over the rice...and within a few mouthfuls went back and added half as much again. From his comments I guess it satisfied something in his soul too this weekend.

Speaking of soul satisfying, I'm finding myself with not much inclination to go swimming lately. Which is odd. I'm guessing that's to do with the colder weather. All I seem to want to do is nap (doesn't help there's arguments outside every other night, sometimes more than twice a night), and perhaps go for a light stroll in the sun. Oh! LOL Perhaps I'm still shell shocked over the fwiggin' fweezin' water down in San Diego. BRRR.

Perhaps it's also to do with gearing up for the holidays. I'm really looking forward to going to visit the in-laws this Christmas. Although it's hard to believe it's Pud Making Weekend this weekend, Thanksgiving in two weeks and then Christmas a month after that. WHERE has the year gone? I used to laugh at my parents when they'd say, "As you get older the years get faster!" But oh, oh, how it's true! It's probably helped that I have been so busy with writing stuff this year so I haven't been sitting around and moping as much. Plus the therapy and exercise etc. Hmmph. Yeah actually living a life does make the days go faster, doesn't it? My house may be messier than other years, but I'm happier and more fulfilled. I'm also stitching like a madwoman to get all the cross stitches finished for various Christmas presents. AIYEEEEEE!

Being busy and more fulfilled is also probably what's behind my cooling down towards exercise too. I don't feel the frenetic need to change and sculpt my body into something acceptable like I have done in previous years. (I'd even exercise extra leading up to christmases with either side of the family in hopes of magically losing several dress sizes and not feeling like the largest person in the place! Perhaps I figured also it'd mean I was worthy of their love and respect if I was thin? Idiot!) Exercise is now an enjoyable part of my life. Sometimes my life doesn't allow me time or energy to exercise for awhile, but I'll always come back to it, without the need to punish myself by acting like a bull at a gate for the first few weeks. I remember when I'd exercise for hours on end just to have something to do during the day. Sheesh.

Wow, looking back over this post, I must be feeling a little whimsical this morning. That, or it's the hot glue making me high. They had to cut up and change a section of our hallway carpet today. A couple of days ago, not only did my kitchen sink back up(with no overflow thankfully!), two other apartments had backed up pipes also, AND the apartment above us...their toilet overflowed. Upstairs' bathroom flooded completely and then it streamed on down through our hallway light fixture and through a few little holes in the bathroom doorway, plus in behind the wall. That was an exciting fifteen minutes or so until I got all the buckets arranged and tracked down the maintenance guy to let him know. I was actually the first to tell him what was going on, the poor bugger upstairs was too busy bailing to go for help. (And of course, small world that it is, one of the carpet guys had been to Australia for R'n'R while a Marine during the 50's.)

Actually ya know what? After all this talk of water, I think I am off for a swim. Or to at least get there and test how warm the water is, and then get in if its comfy. Toodles!

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Joc said...

Hey Kada thanks! Now I know what we are having for dinner tonight - mmmm green chicken curry...

I use cocunut flavoured evaporated milk in mine, no one can tell the difference if I dont tell them, and so much less fat than coconut milk (even the light stuff). Don't know if you can get in in LA, its here in Woolies on the shelves with the normal evap milk.


cmae said...

I need to print out that paragraph on thin=respect and paste it to my forehead. I'm feeling HORRIBLE lately.