Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oh! I forgot to tell you this.

We bought those armchairs the other week, and our old couch has sat in the lounge room ever since. It was a long, awkward to handle, four seater. We'd called up every charity organisation around and none of them picked up in our area nor wanted the couch. We could PAY to have someone come and take it away, but we were looking at half the original cost of the couch to do so.

No, thanks. And so the couch cluttered up the lounge room.

Last night, I'd had enough. We couldn't get hold of any of the neighbours to come and help, (oh maybe because we didn't get up the courage to ASK any!) and Alaskaboy couldn't do it himself. Too many stairs to get down to the footpath where it's okay to dump it.

Because I'd had the bright idea of putting it on the hand dolly if we could just get it out the door, he got the couch up on end and started kinda walking it out towards the front door. Half way there he got in front and tried to take some of the weight on his back and drag it. That didn't work so good.

So, I got on the rear end and grabbed hold and lifted it off the ground about ahalf a foot. Took two steps and had to put it down. Not because it was too heavy, but because my grip was wrong. Readjusting both of our grips we hoisted it off the ground, Alaskaboy about three feet and me only an inch or two, but it enabled him to move it that much quicker. In the thirty seconds or so it took us to get it out the hallway and through the door, my end was dragging on the ground, but I still was taking up enough of the weight that it made all the difference in getting it out there in less than twenty minutes. LOL

We slapped it on the dolly, tied it down, and guided it down the stairs. Again, me taking just enough weight at the rear to enable him to get down the stairs all that much easier.

Huge achievement for me, considering it wasn't that long ago that I could hardly hold up a large saucepan to wash it!

Extra bonus: gave me the confidence to go beyond the Initial Test phase of 100 pushups challenge. :D

2 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

That's so good! You've come so far since you were sick. And hooray- the couch is now out of the way.

cmae said...

That's great!!