Saturday, August 25, 2007


No wonder the weight's dropping off me. I visited calorieking this morning for the first time in a very, very long time. Calculated how much I ate yesterday, and I had eaten 1200 calories, and that was a GOOD appetite day.

In a weird way, I now understand how those still on the diet train can fall in love with the magic 1200cals per day. They'd love the idea of losing 6 lbs in a week. Before, I could never get my calories that low without feeling like my throat had been cut. Now, I struggle to put in that much, and it scares me. I still think about food, I long to be able to eat all he foods I adore, but, I can't eat much at all.

Yesterday Alaskaboy made buttermilk biscuits(scones) for breakfast. I had one with organic raspberry jam, and one plain. Lunch was approx 1/3 chicken breast and some rice(cooked in chicken broth). Snack was another plain biscuit. Tried to have some steamed veggies for dinner which is what I was really hanging for, but after putting two little slices of carrot, a nibble of cauliflower and the merest smidge of cabbage in my face, I was actually nauseated by the thought of eating anymore. Hungry, but nauseated is not fun. Dinner a couple hours later ended up being yet more rice with some extra chicken broth poured over to make a rice soup.

Breakfast this morning was two slices of toast and some cream cheese, with, yes, more chicken broth. My problem is twofold. The nausea is one aspect, but the other problem is if I push too fast, I undo all the patient work I've been doing to settle my gastrointestinal tract and end up with diarrhoea again. So, little by little I'm trying to introduce foods other than rice, eggs, bananas, bread and chicken broth again. Last time I went too fast after my initial success. Not this time. I actually wanted more of the chicken breast in the afternoon, but wanted to see how the first lot went through.

Might try some more today, but we'll also most probably be off to the docs this evening. Have got one more of the symptoms on the side effects list. Bloody vaginal discharge. Funny thing is, I don't feel like I've got thrush as there's no itching, burning, or cottage cheese-like substance, but I do feel like I'm getting my period. Not so bad you'd think, except I've already had it this week. So not normal for me, my cycle is like clockwork.

Bugger waiting for my doc to come back next week, we're off to see someone else after Alaskaboy gets home from work. Only reason I'm not going sooner is because I don't feel strong enough both physically and in concentration ability to drive all the way there. (is well over an hour away.)

So, any prayers good thoughts etc you can send me way would be much appreciated.

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Marshmallow said...

Goodness me Kada, all of this sounds absolutely terrible :-( I'm thinking of you and I really hope that something starts to go right. I'd be concerned about the weight dropping off; getting in 1200 calories on a good appetite day is quite a concern, though I empathise with you, since I found it hard to force myself to eat over the last couple of weeks. I had to rely on more energy dense food (chocolate brownies and the like - which normally are substances reserved only for cravings) to at least get SOME form of energy to my body.

I'm sending you loads of love and healthy wishes from Aotearoa.