Saturday, August 18, 2007

Enough is Enough!

ER Doc gave me some relaxant drug and another milder antibiotic to take (neither script which I've filled; full up to HERE with taking tablets) and now today I'm still having waves of weakness, sore thighs, am having to force feed myself past the non-appetite and nausea what little I can get in my mouth. Yesterday I had to force a banana for breakfast, the probiotic drink took nearly five mins to drink. Ate approx 3/4 cup of home made beef chilli yesterday with some tortillas for lunch, had a small handful of choc raisins for snack, and come dinner time tried to force some homemade butternut soup down my throat, but all I could taste was pepper and hot plastic from having reheated it in the microwave (was in the freezer), went with an oscar meyer hot dog a slice of bread and ketchup instead. Everything I'm eating I'm having to force feed myself after waiting out about an hour of nausea at the mere thought of eating.. And I'm hating it.

TMI Warning: and things are going on through only about half-digested.

Am gonna try some Ensure/Sustagen today, well if it's a good idea what with the whey protein and that (increases mucus production natch) and hoping and praying that this is all temporary and goes away. What's a writer with word confusion and a chef without more than 5% of her smell and taste and what she does have is screwed up. I mean, I confused bacon cooking outside with that wet hair barber/hairdresser salon smell! Me! Only knew it was bacon because Alaskaboy told me so.

My quality of life at the moment is literally in the toilet. Weak, depressed, can't eat, can't go out in sun in case of sunburn, can't concentrate on anything for too long, when I do eat am overcome by weakness and must go and lay on bed, laying on bed often includes more sobbing, and the ear is *still* a little sore/itchy. Let's not forget the hot throbby prickles in the feet that come and go, and the weird flashes of red I had through my eyelids at OhGOdO'clock this morning.

Anyone else have any experience with this kind of thing before and got any words of wisdom to offer? My doc isn't back until 23rd of August, and I figure if I go to the ER again, they're just gonna tell me to keep doing what I'm doing.

EDIT: A friend suggested go with mild and bland foods, so I've been sticking with bananas, rice cooked with chicken broth, and had a drink of gatorade plus the watr today. Feeling a little better appetite wise. Could smell a few more things this evening too. {fingers crossed for more improvement}

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Christian said...

i wouldn't be waiting for your Dr, i'd be seeing someone with a good reputation for being thorough and get this sorted.

good luck