Thursday, November 02, 2006

Uppercrust and Snotty?

Not feeling frightfully British and all that rot, it's just that the last few days have revolved around bread and mucus. And sleep, and soup, and water and peeing. Ahh the glamourous aspects of having a cold. (no I won't tell you how I ended up peeing my pants!)

{skillfully changes the subject}

Wow, Look at that! I didn't realise it had been so long since I'd updated the great Streakathon of 2006!

Week One - Check. (320 minutes.)
Week Two - Check. (405 minutes.)
Week Three - Check. (397 minutes.)
Week Four - Check. (360 minutes)
Day Twenty Nine - Check. (90 minutes walk. 4 miles. 20 minutes stretching)
Day Thirty - Check. (30 minutes walk. 1 mile. 20 minutes stretching.)
Day Thirty One - Check. (20 minutes walk. 50 minutes strength training.)
Day Thirty Two - Check. (20 minutes yoga. 40 minutes walk)
Day Thirty Three - Check. (20 minutes swim. 45 minutes walk)
Day Thirty Four - Check. (50 minutes walk)
Day Thirty Five - Check. (25 minutes aerobics. 15 minutes stretching.)
Day Thirty Six - Check. (60 minutes walk. 2 miles. SICK!)
Day Thirty Seven - Check. (65 minutes walk. 2 miles. 15 minutes strength training)

I've been busy plodding away at the exercise, getting out and about to book signings (Not my own unfortunately. Need to have a something published for that to happen!) preparing for a friend to come visit. Basking in the joyfulness that was turning 30 years old. Going down to San Diego for the weekend, and then getting a cold, that I honestly didn't think about updating it. Sorry 'bout that.

Have had a slight fluctuation since my last weigh in, went up to 226 on the weekend, but am back down to 224lbs as of this morning. Makes sense considering I was bloated thanks to PMS on Saturday.
That pales in comparison to how pleased I am with my continuing to complete the streak despite having this friggen cold. I so wanted to chuck in the towel the last three days, but I knew I'd hate myself if I did. Normally that wouldn't bother me and I'd chuck it in anyway, then subject myself and everyone around me to weeks or months of whining as a result about how useless I am and how I'll always be fat and something always happens to screw up my weight loss efforts so what's the point blah blah wah wah WAAAAAH!

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to being sick. I want to be pampered and loved upon and fed soup and snuggled with, but when your husband works long hours that just doesn't happen. (note to self, get sick on a weekend next time!) So, there I was miserable and getting miserabler as the week was progressing. I really wanted chicken noodle soup, but I'd have to make it myself, and I had neither the inclination nor the energy to do so. And considering my tastebuds had taken a hike, Mike, it really didn't matter as long as the liquid was salty, hot and non-dairy, it should do the same trick. And for that special made with love touch, we just happened to have a shitload of minestrone in the fridge that I'd made the other week for Hubby to eat on the nights he gets home and only wants something light for tea. So minestrone soup with buttered toast it would be, I even managed to score the end crusts from two different loaves! Woohoo! Yes I know butter dairy, but not as bad as grilled cheese on toast!

You know what? I'm getting sick of typing Hubby, I don't call him that, ever. Bitch is one of my affectionate nicknames for him, but that might be misconstrued. I'm gonna go with a nickname he picked for when I refer to him on another friend's blog. Everyone, meet Alaskaboy. Alaskaboy? Meet ... well... umm {sound of crickets} Is there anybody out there?
For now I guess it's Alaskaboy meet the pixels on my livejournal. LOL

But seriously folks, this listening to your body stuff feels kinda weird.

Not just socially.
Case in point Friday night down in San Diego. I couldn't finish my main course, was too stuffed. My friend was horrified! Swordfish, and garlic mashed taters.. and swordfish! And you're leaving it on the plate!
I said, “Well if it offends your sensibilities that much,” she's half-Asian so she's really death on leaving anything uneaten, “you ask the waiter to box it up and have it for a snack later, or put it in the fridge over night for tomorrow's lunch.”
After that she tried to good-naturedly bully me into eating some more.
I held firm!
She didn't box it up. So I guess she was too stuffed also. ;)

I do wonder though if I'd felt more constrained to eat the remaining few mouthfuls if she'd been paying for my dinner. Sure it's OK to hold firm when spending my own {coughAlaskaboy'scough} money, like I did again on Sunday night at the dinner cruise, but could I have stayed strong against two lots of social etiquette?

I honestly don't know.

But also physically.
Whatta ya mean I'm full on only a small bowl of soup and two bits of toast? I wasn't full on that even as a kid!

And emotionally.
Having a yoghurt to combat the reflux from a few too many Habanero Doritos on Monday afternoon, and realising I was extra snotty... so not having any other milk or cheese for the remainder of the cold. What's WITH that. You know you really wanted grilled cheese on toast with the minestrone soup, but there you went being all grown up and shit.

Then there's mentally.
(Which leads me nicely back into the soup and buttered toast from earlier. LOL) Soup. Soup and buttered toast. YUM! My fervent hope is that since I've had the butter on the toast, and a fair bit of it, that the calorie deficit won't be too great from being sick and that I can continue losing weight once I get back to my normal diet. Which does seem to be occurring today. I've had a Nestle Mint Pattie for both morning and afternoon tea, plus also felt like a veg omelette with my buttered toast for lunch for a change from soup.

We shall see. I lost four lbs or 1.8kgs in the month of October. I'm hoping that since I now feel fit enough to upgrade to a 1 ¾ inch plank of wood for my step aerobics, and have gone up half-to-one lb in all my dumbbells for strength training that we will see an improvement on last month. Well, I felt fit enough the day before I got sick, will have to reassess once I'm capable of more than just a slow amble. But, that slow amble? I did it. Two days in a row. Despite them being granny walks and me needing granny naps after I was done, I still did them.

Best of all... I didn't negate 5 weeks of hard work in one fell swoop!

And now, I'm off for one of those naps in the lovely mid-afternoon sunlight. With a hat on natch. Slip, Slop, Slap, and all that!

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