Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Question Of Etiquette

Whilst writing that post a few minutes ago, I was struck by a question. And that question has only grown and multiplied since. So much for my granny nap!

There I was, blithely and smugly babbling on about how I had successfully avoided the social trap of finishing what was on your plate, when I realised that maybe I should not be so smug.

It was easy for me to say no, well ok not easy, but easier, when I was eating something that I had paid for.
But, what if my friend had been the one to pay for my food. Would I have felt constrained to give in to her good-natured cajolery to finish my swordfish meal?
At what point would I no longer feel constrained?
Was there even a dollar value in regards to this?
Should there be?
Full is full, right?
What happens when it's relatives doing the cajolery?
Is it different for food someone has cooked themselves?
When it's especially for you and is your favouritest dish in the whole world?

Anyone care to share their thoughts on the matter?

Grant me strength if I don't get this sorted out before I go back to visit Aus next. Last time I put on over 7kg (approx 15 lbs) in 4 weeks. This time we'll be going for six!

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