Thursday, November 02, 2006

October Round Up.

Swim once a week in the pool I joined up at the end of September - 0/4
40 minutes exercise a day per Streak Challenge. - 31/31
Minimum three sessions of yoga for the month. - 9/3
Continue with Intuitive Eating. - 31/31
Lose weight. (started the month at 228 lbs) - 224 lbs
Improve time on 3 mile walk by ten minutes. (last time I walked it took me an hour and ten minutes) - 5/10
Weigh only twice a week, on the mornings of Tuesday and Saturday. - 4/5Tu, 4/4Sa Didn't weigh yesterday as I'm sick and completely forgot to, oh well!

Five out of seven goals achieved. I'm ecstatic! I think it would have been 6 of seven, except for the cold I caught over the weekend. Oh well, there's always next month.

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