Thursday, November 02, 2006

November's Goals!

First and most important goal. Kiss 220lbs good bye forever!
2 weight training sessions per week.
1 yoga session per week
Exercise very day for a min of 40mins per Streakathon
Continue with intuitive eating. Pay particular attention to stopping when full.
Improve time on 3 mile walk by ten minutes. (last time I walked it took me an hour and five minutes)
Lose inches.
Swim twice this month.
Weigh only twice a week, on the mornings of Thursday and Monday.

For me, that last one is gonna be the trickiest. Was last month, and will be again this month. There were times when I had that sucker in my hand and almost put it down on the floor to step on. But, I argued myselfm out loud, out of it. Thank Christ no one else was home.
Breaking myself of my addiction to the scale? Hmmmm. It's taken me months to gradually break myself of dieting and binging, so I'm figuring the scales will be the same. But any improvement I can show over weighing 5 days out of every seven, if not every day, then I reckon it's gotta be good. I know I'm not ready for only once a week weighing, or that most sanest of sane - once per month. Fer fuck's sake that gives me the cold sweats just thinking about it.

Ack. Sorry, nothing for ages and then I upchuck all over my lj. Will try to be more moderate.

You can quit laughing now ya know. :P

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