Thursday, November 09, 2006

In regards to last night's icecream.

After my epiphany yesterday afternoon I was afraid I was heading for a binge. I was most certainly not hungry after eating dinner. But, my tastebuds were demanding the icecream. Or iced coffee.
Not wanting to drink caffeine after 9pm at night, I opted for the icecream. I enjoyed every mouthful, but was able to stop once the serving was done.

I tend to serve, and eat, the ice cream out of chinese rice bowls. You know . . . the ubiquitous blue and white dragon pattern? Not the big soup/noodle bowl that holds four cups, but the little 1 cup size that you can easily hold in your hand and scoop the rice out with chopsticks. (

Once I was done eating i felt good, but no sooner than half an hour later I ate a mint pattie.


It wasn't till this morning looking back on it that I realised what was going on. Not only had I needed to make up the calcium from last week, which explains the dairy cravings for the past couple of days, but most of the foods I'd eaten yesterday were salty. Very salty. So I'm figuring the bod wanted something sweet to combat the extra salty tingle going on with the tastebuds.

Phew! Intuitive eating when I didn't even realise I was doing it. The very definition of intuitive I guess? HAHA

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