Thursday, November 09, 2006


I didn't realise I'd babbled on so incessantly over the last few weeks! My bum is numb, got a raging headache, and my fingers'n'forearms hate me. It's taken me hours to get these all transferred across.
There had been a whole 'nother post planned for today, but frigged if I can remember what it was. {shrugs} Oh well, musn't've been that important.

So, I need to get up, get dressed, (I just realised I'm still in my pjs! Oh the slobbery!) and head on out for a walk... and then chores. Blech.

But first, unga bunga! No, wait, some lunch!


Afternoon tea?

Whatever the hell it is you eat at 4pm after only having one other meal today.

Neeeed Fooooood!

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