Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Headcolds suck!

Or should that be blow? Feel like I'm single-handedly murdering the amazon forest for my never-ending supply of tissues. Will be moving onto the groovy aloe vera ones tomorrow if this keeps up.

Groin strain's all gone. But, because of the headcold had to fight very hard to get up and do aerobics this evening. Just didn't have the motivation today. I did manage 25 minutes of very lacklustre aerobics before going on to stretching. Feel a little light headed and woozy now.

Everything is harder when you got a head full of snotcrete!

I'm off to have a hot bath/shower in hopes of loosening some of the crud up. (tabs are helping, but steam's always good!)

Will definitely be in bed early this evening. Sorry about the blah post.. but that's all yas get when I feel like shit. Did have a fabulous weekend in San Diego. More on that when I'm feeling better.

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