Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Getting back into the swim of things.

Feeling so much better with the walking I've been doing that I bought myself a multi visit swim pass (MULTIPASS!!!) to my local leisure centre. I made sure I didn't get a membership because then I would put pressure on myself to go every week whether I was up for it or not. This way I have three months to get the visits in on my own terms. Sooner if I like is fine..but if not, then like the walking I won't feel bad.

I'm also going to ensure lap swimming is off the table for several months. I have no ability to pace myself there. All those years pushing for PBs when I was doing competitive swimming, I guess? It doesn't matter whether it's time or lengths or even number of strokes, it'll do my head in trying to restrict myself from "go on, just one more! More than last time, you can do iiiit!"

So, for the moment it's about getting IN the pool. Floating, playing, walking, just movement of some kind...again, no water aerobics because I can't pace that either!

I'm even taking Kiddlywink's dive sticks to remind me just to have fun! goes. Mum and I have decided that once she's up to it, she'll be joining me too.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eight weeks of Six hundred Metres.

It's been eight weeks since I started my new attitude towards walking. The first month I did quite a lot of walking. This month I didn't do as many walks, however my times have improved slowly but consistently over the 600m lap.

Today, Mum felt like a longer walk. It's a place we always used to walk to with our dog when she was alive. Even my Nan used to do it when we first moved back here. It showed me how long it's been since we walked out that way because when Kiddlywink reached a road that we have to cross along the bike path...I had the urge to say, wait! Stop! Even though she's old enough now to know how to stop and look. Last time we went that way, she had no road sense at all.

We walked to a point where there is a bench to sit on, and sat for about ten minutes, then turned around and came back. I paused the timer while we were sitting. Also, for curiosity's sake and future reference, making notations in a file on my phone about times, distance, date, time rested etc.

We walked 1.55kms in 23:16mins.

Eight weeks ago neither of us would have even contemplated walking for that long or for that distance. I also didn't use my walker.

Kiddlywink's excited to be walking with us again. She'd really missed it.

Win! Win! Win!