Monday, May 06, 2013

Looong Walk! Part Two.

Part One end with me experiencing an endorphin high... So, I kept walking.

Then I noticed the streeet I'd just crossed was most probably the one where my brother and I had stopped to buy a snack; on another lovely day similar to this one, a VERY long time ago, when we'd decided to see if we could walk to visit Daddy at work. It was in that moment I realised just how far we, and the dog, had walked that day as very young children, and that my daughter was a similar age to when we'd done it. Cast in that light, my memories weren't as clever, as funny, or as pleasing. I sympathised with my parents' point of view just how bad that day had been for them. Boy, did I have some apologising to do when I got home! LOL

There were a few more pauses for traffic lights, at one I finished off another portion of the beef jerky, and all of a sudden I felt the urge to find some bushes. Plenty of bushes...but since it was also a city street, plenty of witnesses! I stayed calm because a couple of blocks ahead there was a sports oval. Public toilets, hooray! But, they're usually pretty yucky...and wait a minute, where the hell ARE they?! 

I asked a 50ish lady jogging by if she knew where they were, and she pointed at an oblique angle across the oval. Crap, I didn't know if I could make it or not, when another 60+ lady jogging along said, "Go in there!" and pointed to one of our Aussie Rules Football Club's social clubrooms. "Just walk in like you own the joint."

Grinning, I thanked them both, then did just that! And being in the brazen spirit of things, I filled my water bottle up at a water fountain while I was at it. lol

That was the 4.5 mile mark. Coming back out I realised I'd begun to be a little footsore, time to get new runners I thought, and then walked on along the nature strip. (WHAT DO other countries call that strip of grass between the foot path and the road with a few trees planted here and there. You know, where dogs usually crap on?) 

Feeling fatigued at the 5.25 mile mark, I crossed to the middle of the road to rest one ankle that had started to complain a little. Everyone else sitting at the tram stop looked at me a little funny when I didn't get on it as it pulled up, but I was really enjoying the rest of the beef jerky and felt rejuvenated after a drink of water.  I sat a little longer, debating what to do. Especially when the car place texted me to say the car was ready. I was tempted to stop but saw the bright yellow Beaurepaire building and that huuuge Aussie flag in the middle of the Haymarket roundabout were beckoning me on, so I kept going. 

(Image courtesy of the Herald Sun)

The thing about them being such a BRIGHT yellow and such a BIG flagpole...the distance was a little deceptive. Halfway there I got the giggles as the ridiculousness of it hit me, and had to lean against a tree to catch my breath. I felt like it was one of those dreams where the destination keeps receding the closer you get to it. And then I had The Song That Doesn't End stuck in my head for a little while.

I finally stopped at the tram stop just past the roundabout.
I started the walk at 8:50am and sat at the tram stop at 11:33am.
According to Livestrong Loops, that was 5.83miles! Or 9.38kms!
In all honesty, I must admit it is a downward grade most of the way but...{victory dance} I did it, I did IT, I DID IT!
Then I caught the tram down to Flinders Street station. There I bought a ham, cheese, and pickles sandwich and a puzzles magazine.While enjoying sitting in the sun at the tram stop, I did several puzzles, interspersed with getting up to stretch periodically. A few hours later I caught the tram allll the way back to the end of the line..and then did another several hundred meters walk back to the car place.

I wonder if that's the key for me, taking punishment out of the equation. I won't exercise to Lose Weight or Get Fit but instead I'll exercise simply for the joy of being in the moment. 
And holy crap did I enjoy the moment when I sat down at that tram stop, so very much farther than I had ever intended to walk. 
And again when I got home and plotted out just how far I'd walked. 
And the slight DOMS that appeared the following morning in my bum, legs and feet. 
And again when the pain was gone the day following after that.
Alas it wasn't the moment that never ends. Now I'm wondering what I might like to achieve this month that won't have entered my mind until the moment it takes me to decide to do it.

I started the day annoyed and ended it tired but elated.

P.S. That walk really was too much for my shoes and they gave up the ghost a week later. LOL

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