Sunday, May 05, 2013

Loong Walk! Part One.

I started the day out annoyed. 

My dad had made the car appointment for 8am. That meant I had to get Kiddlywink up and drop her off at daycare earlier than she's normally having breakfast. It didn't help that I'd been up late the night before! (It is their car that they're allowing us to use, so I didn't complain and went with the time he'd been able to arrange.)

With Kiddlywink safely, but tearily, deposited at daycare I dropped the car off for its service. (Did I mention neither of us had had time to eat breakfast? Luckily, they allowed Kiddlywink to take in her hash brown, that I'd purchased because I hadn't been there so early before and wasn't sure what time the daycare scheduled breakfast.) I settled on a couch in the waiting area to enjoy the free latte provided. It was doubly appreciated because the McDonald's drive thru had forgotten my coffee when I ordered my bacon and egg mcmuffin, and I had neither the time nor inclination to wait for them to put the order through a second time. Luckily they didn't charge me for it or I would have had to return later to get my money back

While drinking my, surprisingly delicious, coffee, I idly picked up a magazine, one I wouldn't normally read, and found some brilliant recipes. I finished my coffee and the trashy magazine around the same time. Depositing the glass cup back on the bench, I crossed the showroom floor to ask the receptionist a favour. She obliged and photocopied the few pages I requested. YUM! New recipes to try out for dinner in a few days.

 I looked at the time, all of this had only taken twenty minutes. Shit! By their estimate I still had at least two or more hours to go. I was wearing sweat/tracksuit pants and a t-shirt, I was only carrying my backpack purse/handbag and, looking out the window, it was a lovely day. There and then, I decided to go for a walk. 

Most importantly, I promised myself I would only stop walking when I stopped enjoying myself. This wasn't exercise, this was for enjoyment.

At the half mile mark, I realised I'd left my water bottle in the car. Having lived in this neighbourhood during my first stint living out of home I knew there was a supermarket not too far ahead, so I kept walking. I also kept reassuring myself that there would be water soon and that I was okay. Arriving at the supermarket I browsed through it and bought an orange, a banana, some beef jerky, a nut bar and a litre of water, then I briefly sat to organise it into my back pack.

I'd been walking a few more blocks down the road when I realised I was getting hot. Crossing over to the shady side of the street helped for another mile or so, but eventually I rolled my trackie pants up to my knees. Daggy looking but effective! I felt really pleased at this point, because not only was I feeling good with how far I'd already walked, I wouldn't have walked at all awhile this temperature...wearing this particular fleecy pair of pants.

A banana and some beef jerky kept my spirits up, as did the sign that said the suburb I was aiming for was only 2 kms away. I knew I could do it. The more I settled into the groove of one foot in front of the other, with the occasional rest for pedestrian crossings, the more my subconscious started to be unsettled. The longer I walked the farther down memory lane I travelled. Soon I was walking in the area where my ex-boyfriend used to live. This was a good thing. A walking meditation began to take shape and I processed some more stuff from my past. This too buoyed my emotions and I noticed I was walking with a jaunty step.

When I got to the town hall of the suburb that I'd grown up in, my original vague destination in mind, I realised I was feeling GOOD. I've only experienced it a few times in my life, and certainly not recently, but I was having an endorphin high. 

(To Be Continued...)

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