Friday, March 08, 2013

Autumnal Advances Update.

Halfway through Autumnal Advances and it still feels like summer! But, there has been several positive advances for me. :)

Week 1.
Day 1: 1/2 hour wii fit, including 10 minute session of boxing, YAY! It was hard, and the foot choreography and the wii remotes not registering some of my punches was giving me the shits so I modified it, but I did it for the full ten minutes!
Day 2: 1 hour water aerobics.
The rest of the week I rested the sore tendons in my hands. (D'oh! It's only as I'm writing this, I realised it was probably from the boxing!)
Week 2.
Most of the week I had a stomach bug.
Fit in Day 1 on the final day of the week: 1 hour water aerobics.
Week 3.
Day 1: 1 hour water aerobics (Was able to front foot touch)
Day 2: 4.3 km walk in 1 hour. Personal best in over four years!
Week 4.
Day 1: 1/2 hour fast walk..with Jack the dog who pulls REALLY hard, so it was an upper body workout too. LOL
Day 2: 1/2 hour walk
Day 3: 1/2 hour swim..Kiddlywink also had personal bests today, learned new skills in the pool; including among others a) doing a bum bounce on the bottom of the pool, b) touching her hands to the bottom of the pool! (With a little directional assist from my hands around her waist..but still!)
Day 4: 1 hour water aerobics. Made SURE this happened even though we had a chockablock full day.

AND Alaskaboy and I even managed to have our first real date in over six months. Lunch at Taco bill in the city which was lovely in and of itself...but! It was a hot day and I parked over four blocks away and we walked TO to the restaurant AND back. Wouldn't have even contemplated that two months ago.

Physically I'm noticing all kinds of changes to my body.
This week for the first time since I was about 4 months pregnant, when looking down I can see the parts of the lap sash on my seat belt that wraps across my hips. Still can't see the rest of it, but seeing any part is HUGE news for me.
My arms are starting to look like my arms again.
My feet don't feel AS sore when I stand for long periods of time.
While standing, it's more comfortable to pick up and hold Kiddlywink...although she's growing like a weed and doesn't fit in my lap as well any more!
I've had to get rid of my larger size of bras because they really don't fit any more.
I'm starting to notice my waist again.
Standing at a pedestrian crossing yesterday I was shocked when I realised my feet were standing closer together than usual, not braced apart to bear my weight. And straight after that I noticed I was walking across the crosswalk..not waddling quite as much as even three weeks ago. (If that makes sense!)
All my clothes are fitting even better.
My foam wedge isn't as comfortable in bed any more, I have less padding again so I'm starting to be like the princess and the pea once more.

And today, on day 1 of week five, I walked back to the shopping centre again, and this time it seemed a comfortable walk. It helped that we took the bus home again because it was too hot after finishing shopping..but even on the walk TO the shop I commented to my mum that it seemed like a doable walk, not an OMG-will-I-make-it walk.

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