Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stick It To Summer: Week Four Update.

Day 1 of exercise was Day 2 of the heat wave and thankfully it was a few degrees cooler than the day before, I managed 1/2 an hour of Wii Fit.

Day 2 was a surprise because in spite of it being hot, I completed a whole hour on the Wii Fit! 1/2 an hour of that though was to make up for not completing the days last week. How much am I putting my health first? I even kept exercising while Skyping with my sister-in-law and nieces. They got a good view of my huffing and puffing and my bum going jiggly wiggle..but that's no different than if they'd been in the same room with me anyway. ;) Xmas presents got opened, conversation was had, exercise was done, wins all round!

Day 3 was an even bigger surprise for me because yet again I did an hour of Wii Fit. Even better, I did a personal best on the hula hoop part..and it didn't hurt as much as it has. In fact I felt stronger! And this was after three days in a row of exercise!

After day 3 I realised I'm enjoying exercise again. Some days it is a chore, but a lot of the time now I look forward to getting up and doing whatever activity I'm doing that day.

Day 4 I was excited to go to water aerobics because Alaskaboy was also joining me for the class. Except..I'd read the wrong week of the holiday schedule, and there was no class. So, we asked for dumbbells and pool noodles and did a 45 min water aerobics work out anyway!
Then, I had a rest day. The body was tired but willing, and the brain was saying "Gimme those endorphins!" but I knew if I did another day I'd be being an over eager puppy again and would pay for it later.

Today I feel good and am looking forward to my first 5 day week in a very long time. A sensible 5 day week too where I AM enjoying the exercise, not punishing myself with physical activity. Will update later with what I end up doing today.

UPDATE: Even more sensibly, I realised that the 5th bout of exercise this week was me being overexcited. When my body said, "ehem, I'm actually quite tired, lovey." I listened and had a rest day instead.

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