Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am what I eat!

For about ten days during the last two weeks I've eaten how I used to eat.

Mainly out of curiosity, but also a little to do with stress, I gorged myself on take away food, crackers, cheese, chips.
I ate far less fruit and veggies.
When choosing meat I went for fattier cuts than usual.
When making cakes and biscuits, I used white flour and added no bran.
When buying bread from the shop I chose white multigrain or regular wholemeal bread, instead of the wholemeal multigrain or quinoa and flax seed wholemeal bread I have been eating.
Ice cream? I love it. I'm usually satisfied with one portion. So, I ate three or more servings at a time.
I smothered my toast with butter, and found that it looked odd.
"Too much butter," said I.
"Eat it," said the rules of the experiment.
I even swapped the ratio of soft drinks/poptops to water etc etc


I've always been a fart arse..but they STINK again. The last few months of healthier eating and more exercise have created mostly noise and not much it's clear the room kind of stuff.

I'm tired. I'm irritable...okay, downright bitchy actually. Less able to concentrate. And I'm always hungry. How about hungry or bloated or nauseous? Try all three together, sometimes.

My caffeine intake has quadrupled. I'm sleeping worse with psychedelic dreams that leave me drenched in sweat when I wake up. The other night I didn't even go to bed, I couldn't I whiled the night away watching junk on telly. Quite appropriate since all I've been ingesting recently is junk.

I no longer bounce out of bed refreshed between 6-7am...I struggle out whenever Kiddlywink comes in to wake me up. Last month I was out of bed BEFORE her, on several days! 3-5 days of exercise per week like I had worked up to? HA! I didn't have the energy for even one day!

So, even though I haven't been eating any "diet" or "low fat" products, instead simply eating healthy whole foods, butter, full fat icecream, chocolate cake, biscuits and muffins, all within moderation around meat, veggies, fruit and plenty of water, I was healthier.
The scales weren't budging but I was fitter, sleeping better, more pleasant to be around, more motivated and spent far less time on the crapper! All non scale victories in my book.
(I originally wrote this on, and went back to the healthy eating as of, the 8th December.)

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