Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turning Up The Heat

The weather here is starting to get hotter, and I've been fretting about being able to continue walking outside. The other morning I was up at 7am, and it was already too hot for me to walk out in the sun.

Yesterday the power pack finally arrived. Which power pack you ask? The power pack from Nintendo Australia that will allow us to use our Wii here in Aus. It's been been disheartening, no, to be honest it's been ENRAGING to have the Wii sitting there staring at me and knowing I couldn't use it yet.

Kiddlywink has discovered the joys of the basic run, just like her cousins used to love to do, except she's young enough that the remote either gets stuck down the back of her pants, she holds it for a little while, or I jiggle it whenever she runs on the spot (or up and down the hallway if the fancy takes her) or more usually all three occur in the one run. Over the course of the day she spent an hour, wii fit piggy bank time, chasing doggies and kittens and people, oh my, around several different wii fit courses. We had to create a whole new Mii, where we lied about her age, so that she could participate. I don't care what the arbitrary age limit is on the wii, she was ready.

And later in the evening, I had a turn. Only 17 piggy bank's minutes worth, but I had forgotten how much satisfaction I got from working up a sweat. Forgotten how much fun it is to exercise with others egging me on or just simply laughing at the games. I really have to get my juggling mojo back! BUT I went farther than I ever have on the obstacle course. :) A little sore this morning, but it's the sore I'd forgotten about, the sore that makes me feel good about my body, that boosts my self esteem and that makes me healthier, mind body and soul. Hooray for exercise!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Change Of Addess.

Over the last few months I've had a bazillion things I've wanted to blog about.

First and foremost, is that on the 1st of August, Alaskaboy, Kiddlywink and I moved house...

Now that the lawyers have lodged our forms I can tell you we're living in Australia!

It could take up to twelve months to find out if our Spouse Visa application has been successful. Since he's not allowed to work, or even look for work, while the application is going through we're currently living with my parents. Will be extra squishy once our stuff arrives in the next week or so, at least until we sort out what will be going into storage!

Now that we've acclimatised to the wet winter it's much more enjoyable. Kiddlywink is loving having a backyard to run around in, dirt, snails and bugs, a doggy AND extended family to play with, plus all the Vegemite her heart desires. LOL

So...G'day from the land down under!

More later since Alaskaboy, Kiddlywink and I are off outside to enjoy the aforementioned wet weather. :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

It's been awhile!

I've got a lot to talk about. So very much to talk about that I'm squeezed and jammed and crammed as full as can be, just like the overloaded Nickle Nackle Tree. For the last few months I've resembled a wounded animal in a trap; I alternate bouts of flailing about wildly with fits of staring blankly into nothingness(well in my case the t.v.) which is all accompanied by shoving way too much into my mouth.

I haven't even been able to write the words to tell you. Four months it's taken me just to be able to summon the courage to write this post. But something has to give. I have to take steps to deal with this. I had gone to see a shrink the other week, but then somehow she ended up in hospital after we had one session. That sent me back into another wallow of frustrated depression.

Talking to my sister-in-law this week she told me about a book she was reading aout how to deal with highly sensitive people, DuoLoq and BeeMaN are both highly sensitive people, and after taking the test on the website I realised I am too. So, I'm going to go to the library and borrow it and see how I relate to it. Hopefully it'll give me some hints on how to help me cope with overwhelming situations.

Because at the moment I'm pretty overwhelmed. I'm feeling so much fear and rage--plus some emotions I don't even know how to describe yet--and I know that only the tip of my emotional iceberg is exposed. I'm scared of how I feel. I'm scared of what the future might hold. I'm scared of EVERYthing lately. I feel cheated. I feel adrift. I feel afraid to hope that the medication I'll have to take will work. I'm afraid of having to give myself a daily injection. I'm angry that the best thing they can do, even with modern medicine, is only slow this thing down. It's been a big realisation to understand we have NO local support. And from what I can gather, when you have MS you're gonna need a good support network. I've signed up for the MS Society and the ball is slowly rolling with that kind of support.

Yep, that's right, what I haven't been able to say, let alone start to deal with, until now, is that I have Multiple Sclerosis.

Sorry, that's all for now. I'll be back soon as I know that writing about things is definitely part of helping me deal with it. Taking a leaf out of Shauna's book, I'll probably start doing some private journal writing also. The old fashioned way with pen and paper because some stuff is just too raw for me to think about as I write it, let alone for anyone else to read it.