Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pre-Pregnancy Weight Goal Achieved!

On the 14th of September 2009 I weighed 255.5 lbs or 115.9 kgs. That day I set myself a goal of losing 20.5 lbs. Upon starting to write this, I realised that my actual pre-pregnancy weight was 238 lbs*, but considering how sleep deprived I was last September, I forgive myself for my lack of maths skills. (255.5 minus 20.5 for an even total of 235.0 is so much easier than 255.5 minus 238. LOL)

On the 31st August this year, I weighed 232.1 lbs or 105.27 kgs. I didn't count that weigh in because I was in the midst of the meltdown about my teeth and cpap--update on that in another post--and losing 5 lbs in one week due to my stress-induced lack of appetite meant I'd most likely regain that weight anyway.

The following week's weigh day we had to rush off that morning on errands, so I didn't weigh myself.

On the 14th September (nicely symbolic I thought) my weight was 234.4 lbs or 106.3 kgs.

This morning I weighed in at 232.4 lbs or 105.41 kgs, and thus now consider myself having reached my pre-pregnancy goal weight. Now, if my maths skills are a little better this morning, I believe that comes to a total weight loss of 23.1 lbs or 10.49 kgs in just over 12 months. Nice, slow and steady. Just how I would like to lose my excess weight.

*Ironically, going by the 238 lbs, I've been under goal since 24th August when I weighed in at 237.4 lbs or 107.68 kgs. More exciting in one way that I've been under longer, but less exciting because I was so thrilled about achieving, and maintaining, under 235lbs, which I THOUGHT was my pre-preg goal weight.