Thursday, July 29, 2010

Same Weight, Different Body.

This month when I took my progress photos, I couldn't tell much difference in the two lots of swimsuit photos. The photos of me wearing jeans are a whole different kettle of fish though.

The top photo in each lot was taken on May 17th 2010.

The bottom photo in each group was taken on July 28th 2010.

In each of these photos I weigh exactly the same weight. 242.9 lbs.

That is the same pair of 18W jeans. The same weight on the scales. But in May I had to push and shove my lower belly into the jeans to get them to even come that far up. Today, yes there was still tugging, tucking and shoving, but there's a world of difference in the fit. And no, the jeans haven't stretched. In fact, they were washed and dried in between. In all probability that made them a little more snug than they were in May.

Scales shmales, I say!

2 Nibbles:

Amanda said...

Wow! Scales schmales indeed- the difference is huge, so for the same weight to show on the scales says a lot (about scales being rubbish). Go you!

Is it wrong that I'm curious about what you're pixelating on your back? I assume it's a tattoo??-- clever thing to block out for anonymity's sake :)

Kada said...

Whee! I was so excited. I'd been kinda bummed because I really wasn't sure if I was truly feeling my clothes fit better or not. And of course, the scales have gone up and down within the same five pounds since January.

Not wrong to be curious at all. Yes it is a tattoo indeed. One I gave myself as a present for my 24th birthday. :)
Definitely a thing to block out, there's a reason the cops call them identifying marks. ;)