Wednesday, June 02, 2010

McFarty Challenge Recap.

For the whole challenge, I ate more fish than I'd planned. I was disappointed that on one of the days of fear eating this week that I didn't eat any legumes at all. But, considering there was more than one day over the challenge that I ate legumes at least twice in a single day, I'm actually counting this as a successful challenge. (I also wasn't going to shove in some legumes JUST to say I'd eaten them. Did enough overeating with other things, thanks very much!)

For several days we'd misplaced the camera, and then there was some fear eating days where I didn't take photos.

Sunday 16th:

Monday 17th:

Tuesday 18th:

Wednesday 19th:

Thursday 20th: Lost the camera, but did have leftover dhal poured over broccoli, with toast on the side.

Friday 21st: lost camera. Bean salad.

Saturday 22nd: lost camera. Bean salad.

Sunday 23rd: lost camera. tuscan beans.

Monday 24th: dhal with lunch.

Tuesday 25th: baked beans with breakfast

Wednesday 26th: red bean buns with brunch.

Started fear eating. Half a Costco-sized cheese pizza over the rest of the day.

Thursday 27th: Did NOT have legumes today at all.

Friday 28th:Red bean buns.

Saturday 29th: bean salad.

Sunday 30th: Finished the last of the bean salad.

Monday 31st: Minestrone soup for dinner.

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