Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleep Study Results Ar In!

I've got Severe Sleep Apnea. In every 30 second window I only breathe 2-4 times. The rest of that 30 seconds is spent trying to breathe, and failing. Sheesh. No wonder I'm exhausted!

We're now waiting for my insurance company to give their approval for me to have the cpap machine. When that's approved a medical supply company will come out and set me up with my new bestest friend.

The difference between the graph when I was sleeping without wearing the machine and the graph from when I was wearing it...amazing! It explains why that hour and a half sleep I got while wearing the machine actually felt like 3-5.

Really hoping the insurance company approves it soon.

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Bella said...

So glad you'll be able to get help (cmon insurance co!) Operating without sleep makes everything SO MUCH harder.